RCX v1.12 Release - Community Feedback appreciated

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I am pleased to announce the release of RCX 1.12.

What is RCX?

RCX is a rclone-based file manager for Android. With RCX, your cloud remotes are available in a convenient user interface. Most of the rclone features are only a button tap away, and we are continuously working on integrating new functionality.

If you already know RCX, you may have noticed that this is the first update after a longer pause. We have prioritized maintenance work and will release new features as smaller updates as they come. However, we still managed to include some major improvements.

Highlights in v1.12

  • Reading/writing third party SAF providers (Termux, Seafile, NTFS USB by Paragon, etc.).
    With this improvement, you can directly access your files stored in those apps. Since this feature is still in testing, you'll need to enable "SAF Client Preview" in the settings.

  • Note: Due to a packaging error in v1.12.0, this will only work in v1.12.1 and later.
    Our own SAF provider. For Android users without root access, SAF is the Google-sanctioned feature to allow other apps on your device to access your remotes (i.e. fuse equivalent). Unfortunately, SAF support is not (yet) very widespread and implementations differ from app to app. We have added compatibility info to the RCX documentation.

    You'll need to enable this feature ("Content Provider Preview") in the settings. When other apps are using the provider, a notification may appear. Without this notification, Android will stop/crash RCX. If your system needs resources and RCX is currently not in use, the notification (and RCX) will close automatically.

  • Multiple Languages. Most RCX users are not from English speaking countries, and only know English as a second language. If RCX has a translation for your language available, it will automatically display any text in your local language. You can customize this in the settings. We have a Crowdin page where you can support the translation effort.

  • F-Droid availability. After a lot of discussions and debugging, RCX is available in the main F-Droid repo. Many thanks to the F-Droid contributors Licaon_Kter and Izzy who helped to set up the complicated build configuration for a full source build.

  • Rclone v1.55.1. We're making a giant leap from v1.51.0, and all the new improvements from rclone are finally available.

  • Removal of Firebase/GMS. The app is now 100% open source on all editions.

  • Full changelog.


You can download RCX directly from GitHub, Google Play or F-Droid.


You can report issues by creating a new issue on GitHub (Please check out the known issues as well as previous issues before posting). You can of course also comment under this announcement.

I'd also appreciate if you enable error reporting. The error reporting is configured not to collect or transmit any personal data. If you want to know more, read New Crash Reporting for 100% Open Source and Privacy Policy.

Known issues

  • The "Bug Report" session does not work yet (rcx #93).
  • On certain phones, energy-saving features can cause the SAF content provider to get stuck in a semi-dead state, or display that no remotes are configured (when in fact they are). In that case, you may attempt to resolve this by force-closing RCX and then retrying.

— x0b

You can also download the previous stable version from GitHub, Google Play and F-Droid (update pending!).
Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid


this is great news, even though i have not used rcx in a long time.
over the weekend, i will test the new features and report back.
i know you have been busy with school and life, so thanks for helping the community.

The last year has been difficult for lots of people, I think. Thanks for checking it out :tada:.

BTW: I'm also interested in "UX bugs", e.g. when people get stuck or the user interface is too hard to understand. So if you or anybody else discovers a feature that is cumbersome to use or discover, please also give feedback about that.

This is amazing, it's exactly what i have been looking for, a way to easely access and play videos, images and stuff on my phone.
I had initial trouble because i downloaded the old version from google play, installed the new APK instead and it is working flawless!
Thx so much for making this, i was about to root my phone and deep dive into linux commands :smiley:

edit: After trying it out streaming seems to stop every 10-15 minutes or so, browsing works great and is fast i really love this app.
edit2: Installed the arm64 version instead of the universal and now it seems to work as expected! My bad

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if you decide to deep dive, my wiki might be helpful.

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I use this app all the time and I'm so glad it's being updated, thank you! Initial impressions is that union is finally working properly. I'll report back if I come across any other bugs

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Just a heads up: I just figured out that v1.12.0 has a packaging error and that the SAF provider does not work on most devices. I will provide an update later.

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Its a nice app. Thanks.

So ive been using it for quite awhile now [v1.12.1] and it works flawless :smiley:
Nothing to report. Really love it!

edit: I wish it could work with encrypted config files, but that might not be possible?

This is in the works (At-rest encryption for rclone config · Issue #12 · x0b/rcx · GitHub). It will be a while until we release it though - If something goes wrong with encryption, we have effectively ransomware'd our users config file.


is there something similar to iphone?

Not really. You can run rclone in iSH Shell though.

But how would you keep that running in the background to sync stuff from icloud drive/keepassium and photos and stuff?

Can't access from other apps using document provider

Please download the latest version v1.12.1 and try again. More details about this error are available at github.com/x0b/rcx/issues/129.

Edit: You can find the latest APKs at github.com/x0b/rcx/releases. Unfortunately, it seems I cannot edit the initial post.

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