RClone-Wasabi-Veeam - Where to Start

Hey guys. I am a VMWare admin for a school system. We are looking at using Veeam to backup our VMs off site as well as our on site locations. We are leaning toward using Wasabi as that cloud solution, but I was informed the best way to utilize Wasabi was to use RClone as the service in the middle. Has anyone done this? Can you give me some insight as to how you have it setup? One other school said they have the same setup and use RClone on a linux server. What version of linux?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

hello, i can help you,

i use veeam, rclone and wasabi but on microsoft windows.
rclone works the same on windows and linux.

perhaps i am wrong but i thought that Veeam Backup and Replication runs on windows, not linux?
if true, why do you want to install rclone on linux instead of windows?

i use hyper-v, not vmware, but that should not matter much at all.

i run my virtual machines on Microsoft Hyper-V Server (free hypervisor)

i run VBAR on Microsoft Hyper-V Server (free hypervisor)

so ask me your questions...

Veeam is on Windows. The school I talked to said they spun up a linux server specifically for rclone software.

My understanding is you would use rclone to wasabi instead of veeam directly to because of the way it can be restored? I'm actually not too sure what purpose rclone has in this setup.

that depends on which version of VBAR you are using, as some version do not have ability to backup to s3 compatible storage.
i use the free version of VBAR.

not sure why you would need to add a linux server?

what edition of VBAR are you running, community, standard, enterprise or enterprise plus?

where is your VBAR backup repository stored and what is the operating system of the server?

I'm not using VBAR. I'm actually not sure what it stands for. But we are 100% vmware based here. We use Veeam enterprise.

veeam enterprise, do you mean Veeam Backup And Replication, VBAR enterprise edition?

and you did not answer my last question
where is your VBAR backup repository stored and what is the operating system of that backup repository?

and from what you wrote you are not 100% vmware, as veeam software runs on windows, correct?

Ah VBAR = Veeam back up and replication. Just didn't understand the abbreviation sorry.

VBAR is on a Win 16 server on network. Currently backs up to 2 different offsite locations.

Virtualization is VMWare, not hyper V. We have no windows server OS's on physical boxes. They are all VMs including our backup server which has 2016 and VBAR enterprise installed on it.

ok, now we are getting somewhere,

about those 2 offsite locations, those would be the veeam backup repositories, correct?
and if so, what is the opeating systems that the backups are stored on?

Yes they are backup repositories. Linux backups.

What i'd be using rclone with is ONLY wasabi. That's the one I'm focused on.

to be clear, the backup repsoitories, where the backup data is stored run linux operating systems?

and for what it is worth, i would not trust your current setup.
the backup server should not be running on the same server as the data it is supposed to backup.

basically, you backup server, is running as a virtual machine, on the same vmware server as the other virtual machines.

what if there is a corruption on that one vmware server, and it corrupts all the vm including the backup vm machine and its backup data.

then you would have lost all your vms and have no backups?

it cost little to nothing to have a dedicated backup server, that is what i do and most companies do.

as it is you seem to want to have yet another server running linux for rclone.

Yes that's another process i'm looking into. However this conversation was specifically about rclone. So you run Rclone on your backup server. That's really what I was looking for information wise.

well, i have found that the two issues are inter-related.
how do you plan to handle this common situation?

VBAR does full backups of your VMs, then you run rclone to copy those backups files to the cloud and can take hours/days.
while rclone is still copying that data to the cloud, VBAR runs again, modifies the same files you are trying to backup?

I do backups on the weekend and do them weekly currently. We have a 1gb connection (might expand that) so hopefully we can get the backups up to wasabi throughout the week, it'll be enough. But I guess time will tell.

run rclone on one of those off-site linux servers, as that is where the data is.
i have a python script that takes care of it for me. i can share tips.

if you do decide to have dedicated hardware for VBAR server itself, let me know.
i have a great setup and does not cost much at all.

also, see this post from me

this wiki from me.

I'll take a look. Thank you for your help so far.

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