I want to share how to enable vss for rclone

hello to all,
rlcone is great but since it is written to be comptible with so many operating systems, it is lacking a cirtical feature for Micro$oft window users.

as per wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadow_Copy
" VSS operates at the block level of volumes.
A snapshot is a read-only point-in-time copy of the volume. Snapshots allow the creation of consistent backups of a volume, ensuring that the contents do not change and are not locked while the backup is being made."

when i first started to use rlcone, i ran into a classic problem.
i use veeam backup software to create a set of backup files of my window server, the size of the files is 300GB.
then i have a script that does a rclone sync to upload a the 300GB of files and then rclone check.
that can take 24+ hours, depending on the internet connection and network congestion.

during that sync and check, veeam software is scheduled to run again and makes changes to some of those backup files will rclone is still uploading them.
the result is that upload to rclone is useless. i will not to be able to download those files from wasabi and have veeam use them and rclone check log file will be full of errors.

so on micro$soft windows, the solution is to create a shadow copy before running rclone.

i wanted to share how to do that and i am not sure the best way to share.

We'd love to hear about it. Probably the best thing to do would be to write it up in the rclone wiki and post a link here.

Do you think this is something rclone should be able to do itself?

Interesting, and useful to know about (primarily windows user myself).
There are a lot of these little tips and workaround for windows-spesific use. Good on you for wanting to share it and save someone else the trouble. I should try to note down some of my solutions too...

well, lol, someone, whose name i will not mention, but rhymes with thepigma, has accused me of cheating with rclone againt this thepigma.
i just cannot work and share with such a forum user!

i, a cilivized rclone user, am willing to share rclone, with anyone,up to and perhaps including this thepigma person.

can thepigma do the same???

I will pass on the message if I meet such a strange person. He sounds very rude :stuck_out_tongue:

i am thinking about creating a poll titled 'should we ban thepigma'.

seriously tho,
i want to create a wiki document about vss and rclone.
you would be surprised how easy it is do, just three lines of code.
what do i need to do?

I have written the wiki post and I am ready to have someone look it, commment on it and hopefully post it.
If it is posted and forum users have questions, can we create a post in the forum where I can try to answer their questions? and I would like to have the wiki document contain that post link to make it easy for me to try to handle questions and comments.

Great! You'll have to post it before we can comment, but that is fine. The wiki docs are supposed to be living documentation so people can edit them when they need to.

The forum I view as a more ephemeral discussion so a link to a forum page for discussion isn't ideal. What you could do is just link to the forum in general and say something like "if you have any questions then ask me @asdffdsa on the rclone forum"

i have created the wiki.

what is the next step?


Found it here: https://github.com/rclone/rclone/wiki/How-to-enable-VSS-for-rclone

I suggest you create a new topic something like "Feedback wanted for enabling VSS for rclone on Windows" with that link it.

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