Rclone v1.64.2 release

Rclone 1.64.2 has been released. Find it in the rclone downloads or use rclone selfupdate to upgrade. (Note that rclone selfupdate is broken in v1.64.0 or v1.64.1 these will need a manual update - sorry!)

This is a bug fix release.

It contains one very important fix to the b2 backend where data corruption could occur when uploading files bigger than 96MB with rclone mount with --vfs-cache-mode off - rclone mixed up the the first two 96 MiB chunks - see #7367 for more info. I apologize for this lapse in quality control - the integration tests have been updated to make sure it never happens again.

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v1.64.2 - 2023-10-19

See commits

  • Bug Fixes
    • selfupdate: Fix "invalid hashsum signature" error (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • build: Fix docker build running out of space (Nick Craig-Wood)

v1.64.1 - 2023-10-17

See commits

  • Bug Fixes
    • cmd: Make --progress output logs in the same format as without (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • docs fixes (Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos, Herby Gillot, Manoj Ghosh, Nick Craig-Wood)
    • lsjson: Make sure we set the global metadata flag too (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • operations
      • Ensure concurrency is no greater than the number of chunks (Pat Patterson)
      • Fix OpenOptions ignored in copy if operation was a multiThreadCopy (Vitor Gomes)
      • Fix error message on delete to have file name (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • serve sftp: Return not supported error for not supported commands (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • build: Upgrade The Go Programming Language to v0.17.0 to fix HTTP/2 rapid reset (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • pacer: Fix b2 deadlock by defaulting max connections to unlimited (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Mount
    • Fix automount not detecting drive is ready (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • VFS
    • Fix update dir modification time (Saleh Dindar)
  • Azure Blob
    • Fix "fatal error: concurrent map writes" (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • B2
    • Fix multipart upload: corrupted on transfer: sizes differ XXX vs 0 (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix locking window when getting mutipart upload URL (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix server side copies greater than 4GB (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix chunked streaming uploads (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Reduce default --b2-upload-concurrency to 4 to reduce memory usage (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Onedrive
    • Fix the configurator to allow /teams/ID in the config (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Oracleobjectstorage
    • Fix OpenOptions being ignored in uploadMultipart with chunkWriter (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • S3
    • Fix slice bounds out of range error when listing (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix OpenOptions being ignored in uploadMultipart with chunkWriter (Vitor Gomes)
  • Storj

on macOS:

$ sudo rclone selfupdate --stable -vv
2023/10/17 18:42:20 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.64.0" starting with parameters ["rclone" "selfupdate" "--stable" "-vv"]
2023/10/17 18:42:30 DEBUG : downloaded release archive with hashsum 28b8907df12cb866c627f7dd3a692326e073384ceb5e99328007941026bb73b8 from https://downloads.rclone.org/v1.64.1/rclone-v1.64.1-osx-amd64.zip
2023/10/17 18:42:30 DEBUG : downloaded hashsum list: https://downloads.rclone.org/v1.64.1/SHA256SUMS
2023/10/17 18:42:30 Error: failed to update rclone: invalid hashsum signature

2023/10/17 14:15:28 Error: failed to update rclone: invalid hashsum signature

Same checksum error on Linux

All good - @ncw will take a look at it. No need to post same/me too/etc.

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It looks like rclone selfupdate got broken in the v1.63..v1.64 development period.

Not sure exactly what has happened but the manual update should work fine.

When I've figured it out I'll issue a v1.64.2


v1.64.2 is released now to fix rclone selfupdate.

Note that if you are running v1.64.0 or v1.64.1 you will need to do a manual update - sorry! However v1.64.2 will rclone selfupdate properly.


I welcome the rapid fix for the self-update problem of v1.64.1.

The first post in this thread, in its first few paragraphs, treats version 1.64.1 and version 1.64.2 as if those two releases were one. That could mislead.

Perhaps it will help someone if I note here that, on Linux at least, one can perform a 'manual update' thusly:

sudo -v ; curl https://rclone.org/install.sh | sudo bash
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Thanks for the release!

Regarding newly added verify_test.go https://github.com/rclone/rclone/blob/master/cmd/selfupdate/verify_test.go, shouldn't we prepend

//go:build !noselfupdate
// +build !noselfupdate

to respect the build tag like others in cmd/selfupdate?

@wiserain well spotted. Will commit a fix now!

Thanks, @ncw! We updated our rclone 1.64.0 blog post to "recommend that you upgrade rclone to v1.64.1 (or the current version as you read this)"


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