RClone on a Nintendo Switch running Android

Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice. While I have configured RClone on my Windows 10 PC, I am a relative novice on Android.

I have installed the LineageOS Android 10 build onto my Nintendo Switch, which is working well.

I would like some advice on:

  1. Installing RClone on Android
  2. Copying my configured Remotes from Windows to Android
  3. Configuring Android to automount an Rclone remote

My plans:

  1. Installing RClone on Android
    Install the Termux app
    Follow the Rclone Wiki instructions to install Rclone on Android using Termux

  2. Copying my configured Remote from Windows to Android
    I have a Google Drive remote setup on my Windows 10 machine.
    Many sets of instructions I have seen reference a rclone.conf file - but on my Windows 10 install of Rclone I only have a "rclone1.1" file - perhaps its as simple as copying and renaming this file?

  3. Configuring Android to automount an Rclone remote
    Here's where I'm really lacking confidence.
    I've read a few posts doing this with third party tools (e.g. one called Automate I think) and others doing this with what I assume are some bespoke Python scripts.

I'm looking for the optimal way to achieve an automount the Rclone remote on Andorid boot.

All advice and help is appreciated and if I am successfull I can post some tidier instructions for the next person looking to do it.

Beer money is available for anyone willing to give me some hands on support!

Thanks all.

hello and welcome to the forum,

Guinness Extra Stout, :beers: for cheers

this might help, a wiki i wrote.

yes, the rclone config file is portable. you can just copy to any computer.
you can find the config file using https://rclone.org/commands/rclone_config_file/
run sshd on termux, connect windows pc to that and copy the rclone.conf over using sftp.

on android, there is an app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.github.x0b.rcx&hl=en_US&gl=US
i believe it is written by fellow rcloner, @x0b

Hi jojo,

Many thanks for the replies.

I have installed Termux and installed the rclone package via command line pkg install rclone

I have not seen a new app install on Android - so assume the rclone install lives within Termux?

Am I correct in thinking that the rclone service runs within Termux and then we install the client within Android which interacts with the service?

Thanks and happy to slide you a Guinness, PM me :slight_smile:

rclone is not running as a service inside termux.

to install it, from that wiki, do step 3.

then run termux, and type rclone version

i suggest that you run the termux ssh server, then ssh into it from the pc.

Thanks JoJo

I think I get it now.

The RCX app provides App / GUI based access to Rclone remotes - have installed it and it works well.

Am I correct in thinking that the benefit of installing Rclone via Termux installs Rclone as an Android service and mounts a remote on Android boot and mounts a remote as part of the native Android OS file system?

i do not have experience with rooted android device.
i think you can search the forum and find some posts about that.

as per my wiki, i do use rclone serve on android

as for the benefit of rclone on termux.
i use https://wiki.termux.com/wiki/Termux:Widget and have two very simple rclone scripts.

  1. i use keepass on my computer and keepass2Android offline version.
    for security reasons, the keepass on android does not have network access.
    on my pc, i have keepass setup with a trigger, each time the database is changes/saved, it will copy the database to a rclone crypt remote in the cloud.
    then on android, i have a rclone script to download that database.

  2. i use andOTP on android. again, for security reasons, it has no network access.
    so i have a rclone script to upload the andOTP backup file to a rclone crypt remote in the cloud.

No. Termux allows you to install and use all rclone functions within the confines of a normal Android app, i.e. no mounting.

Actually mounting something requires root, and there is a magisk module that might help there. I haven't tested it though. As a bare-bones tutorial, the process might look like this:

  1. If not already installed, flash Magisk
  2. Follow the configuration steps as outlined in the module configuration

Thank you very much for the reply.

I have given up on the Termux method as:

  1. I don't wish to Root my device
  2. I could never locate /see the files and folders where RClone says it kept my Config file (com.termux/files/home/.config/rclone/rclone.conf) - I could get to com.termux/files/ but there was never any contents inside

In any case - the RCX App works very well.


to be clear, termux and root are two different things.
i use termux and i do not root my device.

Sorry - what I meant was that in order to mount / automount a remote in Android, I would need to Root - which I don't want to do, so am going to skip the Termux stuff all together and just use the App

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