Rclone Android Setup

Is it possible to rclone mount or sync on an Android? I have tried mount and it needed it fuse?

i use rclone sync on android, every day.

  • to sync keepass database between desktop and keepass2android.offline.
  • to backup andotp

i have a wiki that might help, if not ask your questions
Turn your android phone into a media server

rclone mount on android requires the phone to be rooted.

I just realized I need rclone mount ? Is this possible on an Android?

you need to root the android device.

search the forum:
RClone on a Nintendo Switch running Android - #7 by x0b
Rclone mount on rooted Android

So no way to do this without root?

that is what i know and i shared that links.

what is it that you need to do that can only be done with rclone mount?

I am trying to mount a google drive to an Android. I don't want copy or sync due small disk.

what do you plan to do with the mount?

I wanted to mount a google movie folder

you want to watch movies that are stored in gdrive, no need for mount

  1. did you read my wiki i posted earlier in the topic?

  2. this from fellow rcloner - @x0b

It's possible with this magisk module:

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