Rclone mount windows 10: File access error (no execution permission) Error: 0x800704b3

I installed winfsp and setup rclone to mount G Suite Google Drive on windows 10.
Everything works great: I can access the Drive, I can create folders and files directly in the mount, I can download files and I can copy/paste files in both directions.
Only one thing does not work: When I try to open a file, I get an error from Windows saying:

Windows cannot access X:\Path\To\File\Filename.extension

Then I check the file permissions and my user has read and write access.
But I don’t have the write & execute permission. And I don’t seem to be able to set it, even manually.
Is there an Option I am mission for the mount command?
Or is this maybe even a bug?

rclone v1.39 (arch: windows/amd64)
go v1.9.2
winfsp v1.2.17346

Does anybody have any advice?

Great - sounds like most functionality is working

Are you trying to run an executable?

I wouldn’t have thought you’d need execute perms unless it is an executable…

@billziss-gh can you execute files off WinFSP?

I haven’t supplied the ability to execute files for Linux as it is a really bad idea (memory mapped executables on a network file system are a disaster waiting to happen!).

The same might apply to Windows, I’m not sure.

I just try to open regular files, such as textfiles.
I tried it on my work computer and there it works perfectly.
But I don’t know what the difference between these two systems is.
Both running win 10, same google drive, same rclone version, same mount command…

However I noticed that the executable permission is not required to open regular files.

Can you copy files to and from the mount OK on that computer?

I think the executable permission is probably a red herring.

Work PC: I can copy, move and open files and folders flawlessly.
Home PC: I can copy, move files and folders without any problem, but only folders can be opened (no files).

I have to check, if I can find any differences in configuration, when I am home.


My thoughts are it might be a virus checker getting in the way - have you got one you could disable?

I only have Windows Defender Firewall running. And the issue stays even when I disable the firewall.
On the work PC I have the normal Windows 10 Enterprise firewall running.
Aside of that I found no differences, whatsoever.

However, I found out that I get some kind if error messages when I copy a file. Nevertheless, the file is copied as expected:

2018/01/30 21:45:19 ERROR : bla.txt: WriteFileHandle: Truncate: Can't change size without cache
2018/01/30 21:45:19 ERROR : bla.txt: WriteFileHandle: ReadAt: Can't read and write to file without cache

I found this issue: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/1853
But then rclone does not start and says that --cache-mode is no valid option.

I use the following command to mount googledrive:

rclone mount googledrive:/ g:

The configs are the same on both windows and both linux machines.
And here is the exact error I get:

BTW: Thanks for the support!!

Cache mode is now called --vfs-cache-mode writes. If you use the latest beta then I’ve changed that error message to be more explicit.

As for the error you are getting, if you search for that error code 0x800704b3 you get a whole heap of conflicting advice, quite a lot of which seems to say you might have malware. I have really no idea what that error message means!

After plunging through tons of ridiculous malware pages I found this site: https://kb.paragon-software.com/article/268
It appears that under certain circumstances the service WebClient has to be running in order for rclone mount to work propery.

However, the service is not running on my work PC, so this is probably not the entire story.
Anyway, it resolved the issue on my private computer.

Thanks again for the help!