Rclone mount on nvidia shield

I have a GDrive volume setup as Remote -> Cache -> Crypt. How can I mount or otherwise point the PLEX media server on my nVidia Shield to my GDrive?

Not available on android AFAIK

Haven’t there been efforts to bring rclone to Android lately?

Yeah, I just searched for android and got hits:

It’s not a rclone issue. Rclone works fine on Android. It’s that Android won’t let you use fuse (mount) without rooting and a bunch of work. It’ll run other remotes just fine like http and webdav. The issue thought is plex won’t use those type of remotes and only wants a mount.

So to summarize… Plex is incompatible with anything but a mount. And Android without root won’t run fuse mounts. So essentially if you use something other than Plex, it’ll operate with Android just fine (like Kodi).

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It works if it’s mounted on another device and then shared with the Shield from there.