Rclone has to use my hard drive?

hello guys,
i try send my data from google to one drive.
i have around 2 tb files.
i think buy a vps but its expensive because of 2tb hard drive.
i read some about chunk but i dont understand. i am begineer.
is there a way rclone not use hard drive when transfer start?
i am greatful for your help. please dont forget i am begineer, if you want help please write me complete command. i use this command now.

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode full one:/ z:

is this a one-time transfer or something to be run more than once?

rclone copy/sync does not use disk space.

if you want to use rclone mount, you would not need a 2TB drive.
if you wanted a really cheap vps, use --transfers=x, where x is the number of simultaneous transfer.

each transfer would need disk space.
once the file is transferred, it is removed from the vfs cache.

Don't use mount for this. You don't need it and it is likely to be less stable.

Use rclone copy. Mount is good when you need to read files and you need file-system access. It is much less good when you are writing.

And you can tune mount to not need any real space too but that is a separate discussion.

thank you for your reply.
can you give me complete command please? i am begineer :frowning:
rclone copy/sync --vfs-cache-mode full one:/ z:

is that works?

hard to give an exact command without knowing the specs of the vps.

do you have a config file, if so, post it but redact id/secret/password/token.

if the remote for gdrive is gdrive: and the remote of onedrive is onedrive:

rclone sync gdrive: onedrive: --dry-run
this will not use any disk space, just memory.

is that sync all files? google to one drive?
with one command?
are you serious?
how ignorant i am!
is that not use hard drive space?

that is all correct, that command will copy every file from gdrive to onedrive.

i can optimize the command if you share:

  • the specs of the vps:
    --- how much memory does it have?
    --- the speeds of the vps internet connection.
  • about the 2TB of files, what is the mix?
    many small files, a couple of large files or what?

make sure to create client id for both gdrive and onedrive.

i can generate vps server or dedicated server for this job.
i have 160 gb hdd
4 cpu
but as i said i can generate larger then this.

files generally 100 gb

is this a one-time transfer or do you plan to re-run the command?

if its going to sync forever one time is done for me.
ahh maybe vps going restart who knows.
i will run it several times i guess

did not understand that answer.

let's keep this nice and simple

as a test, i would run this, which will not copy any files, just output what rclone would do.
rclone sync gdrive: onedrive: -v --dry-run

if the ouput looks ok, then run
rclone sync gdrive: onedrive: -v --progress

i have to mount that drives before using this command right?

no mounting.
rclone sync copies files from gdrive to onedrive using the memory of the machine, in this case the vps.

  1. create a remote for gdrive, using a client id
  2. create a remote for onedrive, using a client id.
  3. run the command i shared with you

i will try it next few hours or tomorrow.
if thats work i want send you some usdt. please accept that donation.
i am greatful your help.

thanks but i only accept guinness extra stout :beers:


hello again!
its working perfect!!!! i am greatful.
last question,
can i sync a folder like that?
example i want sync only a folder like that?

rclone sync gdrive:folder onedrive:folder -v --progress --dry-run

please send me your usd tether adress. or i can send xrp etc.. :slight_smile:

sure, you can donate to rclone at https://rclone.org/donate/


Hello again,
when i try run this command its start sync 4 files.
can we setup for 2 files? because its stoped my upload. i guess we stuck on file size limit.
thank you.