Rclone consuming data while syncing

While syncing two Gdrive accounts, does rclone consume data??? It shouldn't be, right? But it's consuming data!

If it's normal and it does consume data while syncing, how people copy, move or sync large file such as files in TBs?

When you first posted, there is a template to fill out as that helps us answer your question.

It depends on your version and what commands you use.

It may transfer data or it may not.

If you are using server side copies, it does not use bandwidth.


If you are not using server side or are not able to, it does use bandwidth.

Sorry for ignoring templete as it was too long and I was in a hurry.

And I'm syncing two gdrive (isn't it server side copies?)

I'm using this command

rclone sync GDrive1:/ GDrive2:/ -P

And about version, I just went to rclone sute and downloaded it from there (isn't latest version?)

My rclone version - rclone v1.52.1
Machine - Windows 10 / 64bit arch.

Since gdrive1 != gdrive2, they are not server side, thus it will use bandwidth.

What should I do then? Which code should i use to make it sync over server side? Please help, I'm new to this.

For it to be server-side it needs to be the same remote AFAIK.

# rclone sync gdrive1:this/folder gdrive1:that/folder

Should take no bandwidth.

What you should do is up to the purpose of your remotes, if it is to minimise fault domains then non-server-side is worth the wait/bandwidth for example...

Is it necessary to add folder destination to avoid bandwidth usage? I mean I want to sync whole GDrive1 to GDrive2

And what about that #??? I should use it too? I'm on windows OS

If gdrive1 and gdrive2 are different accounts then you cannot do server side. So you will have to use bandwidth as you download from one and upload to the other. If this is not what you want to do, sync directories within the drive as shown.

The hash sign was purely an example of a command, the OS is not relevant in the command example.

Yes they are two different accounts :open_mouth:

I've heard people syncing TBs of data over team drives. How do they do it then? Aren't they using inter-syncing and not intra syncing just like what I'm doing? Btw I'm not using Team drive, just syncing one personal drive to another as backup

Is there any way to sync two different accounts wo bandwidth usage? Just like multicloud does?

That's not correct. You can use --drive-server-side-across-configs and if drive1 data was shared with drive2 it wi use server side.

That being said it is still bound by the 750G a day quota but won't use local bandwidth.


So what's the correct code for that? And should i first share all folders w gdrive2 first?

Btw i had tried this but still it was using bandwidth...

That's why @Animosity022 asked for a debug log. I'll guess though that you didn't share the data from drive1 to drive2. Without a log (asked in the initial template) we're guessing.

Should I first share data of Gdrive1 (source) with gdrive2(destination) ?????

If you want it server side.

I'm really sorry. I'm not at this and couldn't understand the last few steps of the template.