Rclone consuming data while syncing

That worked! I had 99 GB of data to move that's now happening @ 80-90 Mbps speed. Thanks alot bruh. Anyother advice to increase the speed ??? And btw I should keep them in shared state to keep them in sync next time, right?

Btw I have 99.some GB but rclone only transferring 87.some GBs! Because of duplication in source drive?

copying from td to td works fine and it does this by server side with high speed, but this is not happening from copying mega to td. It uses my bandwidth and copy speed is very slow like 50kbps. So how can i copy with fast speed from mega to td??

You can use --magic (that's a joke) or use something with a faster connection. There isn't much to do as provider to provider is going to use your bandwidth.

You can rent a VM or something along those lines and see if that works out better.

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