Rclone 1.58.0 release

Rclone 1.58.0 has been released. Find it in the rclone downloads or use rclone selfupdate to upgrade.

Some highlights of the release:

Thank you to all the contributors to this release, those who contributed code or doc fixes (52 people) or made issues or answered questions in the forum - your help is much appreciated!

If you (or your company) is enjoying rclone, please consider donating or sponsoring to keep the project sustainable, or hire me to add a feature you really want!

v1.58.0 - 2022-03-18

See commits

  • New backends
  • New commands
    • bisync - experimental bidirectional cloud sync (Ivan Andreev, Chris Nelson)
  • New Features
    • build
      • Add windows/arm64 build (rclone mount not supported yet) (Nick Craig-Wood)
      • Raise minimum go version to go1.15 (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • config: Allow dot in remote names and improve config editing (albertony)
    • dedupe: Add quit as a choice in interactive mode (albertony)
    • dlna: Change icons to the newest ones. (Alain Nussbaumer)
    • filter: Add {{ regexp }} syntax to pattern matches (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • fshttp: Add prometheus metrics for HTTP status code (Michał Matczuk)
    • hashsum: Support creating hash from data received on stdin (albertony)
    • librclone
      • Allow empty string or null input instead of empty json object (albertony)
      • Add support for mount commands (albertony)
    • operations: Add server-side moves to stats (Ole Frost)
    • rc: Allow user to disable authentication for web gui (negative0)
    • tree: Remove obsolete --human replaced by global --human-readable (albertony)
    • version: Report correct friendly-name for newer Windows 10/11 versions (albertony)
  • Bug Fixes
    • build
      • Fix ARM architecture version in .deb packages after nfpm change (Nick Craig-Wood)
      • Hard fork github.com/jlaffaye/ftp to fix go get github.com/rclone/rclone (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • oauthutil: Fix crash when webrowser requests /robots.txt (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • operations: Fix goroutine leak in case of copy retry (Ankur Gupta)
    • rc:
      • Fix operations/publiclink default for expires parameter (Nick Craig-Wood)
      • Fix missing computation of transferQueueSize when summing up statistics group (Carlo Mion)
      • Fix missing StatsInfo fields in the computation of the group sum (Carlo Mion)
    • sync: Fix --max-duration so it doesn't retry when the duration is exceeded (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • touch: Fix issue where a directory is created instead of a file (albertony)
  • Mount
    • Add --devname to set the device name sent to FUSE for mount display (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • VFS
    • Add vfs/stats remote control to show statistics (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix failed to _ensure cache internal error: downloaders is nil error (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix handling of special characters in file names (Bumsu Hyeon)
  • Local
    • Fix hash invalidation which caused errors with local crypt mount (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Crypt
    • Add base64 and base32768 filename encoding options (Max Sum, Sinan Tan)
  • Azure Blob
    • Implement --azureblob-upload-concurrency parameter to speed uploads (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Remove 100MB upper limit on chunk_size as it is no longer needed (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Raise --azureblob-upload-concurrency to 16 by default (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix crash with SAS URL and no container (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Compress
    • Fix crash if metadata upload failed (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix memory leak (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Drive
    • Added --drive-copy-shortcut-content (Abhiraj)
    • Disable OAuth OOB flow (copy a token) due to Google deprecation (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Add --drive-skip-dangling-shortcuts flag (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • When using a link type --drive-export-formats shows all doc types (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Dropbox
    • Speed up directory listings by specifying 1000 items in a chunk (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Save an API request when at the root (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Fichier
    • Implemented About functionality (Gourav T)
  • FTP
    • Add --ftp-ask-password to prompt for password when needed (Borna Butkovic)
  • Google Cloud Storage
    • Add missing regions (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Disable OAuth OOB flow (copy a token) due to Google deprecation (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Googlephotos
    • Disable OAuth OOB flow (copy a token) due to Google deprecation (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Hasher
    • Fix crash on object not found (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Hdfs
    • Add file (Move) and directory move (DirMove) support (Andy Jackson)
  • HTTP
    • Improved recognition of URL pointing to a single file (albertony)
  • Jottacloud
    • Change API used by recursive list (ListR) (Kim)
    • Add support for Tele2 Cloud (Fredric Arklid)
  • Koofr
    • Add Digistorage service as a Koofr provider. (jaKa)
  • Mailru
    • Fix int32 overflow on arm32 (Ivan Andreev)
  • Onedrive
    • Add config option for oauth scope Sites.Read.All (Charlie Jiang)
    • Minor optimization of quickxorhash (Isaac Levy)
    • Add --onedrive-root-folder-id flag (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Do not retry on 400 pathIsTooLong error (ctrl-q)
  • Pcloud
    • Add support for recursive list (ListR) (Niels van de Weem)
    • Fix pre-1970 time stamps (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • S3
    • Use ListObjectsV2 for faster listings (Felix Bünemann)
      • Fallback to ListObject v1 on unsupported providers (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Use the ETag on multipart transfers to verify the transfer was OK (Nick Craig-Wood)
      • Add --s3-use-multipart-etag provider quirk to disable this on unsupported providers (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • New Providers
      • RackCorp object storage (bbabich)
      • Seagate Lyve Cloud storage (Nick Craig-Wood)
      • SeaweedFS (Chris Lu)
      • Storj Shared gateways (Márton Elek, Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Add Wasabi AP Northeast 2 endpoint info (lindwurm)
    • Add GLACIER_IR storage class (Yunhai Luo)
    • Document Content-MD5 workaround for object-lock enabled buckets (Paulo Martins)
    • Fix multipart upload with --no-head flag (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Simplify content length processing in s3 with download url (Logeshwaran Murugesan)
  • SFTP
    • Add rclone to list of supported md5sum/sha1sum commands to look for (albertony)
    • Refactor so we only have one way of running remote commands (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix timeout on hashing large files by sending keepalives (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix unecessary seeking when uploading and downloading files (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Update docs on how to create known_hosts file (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Storj
    • Rename tardigrade backend to storj backend (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Implement server side Move for files (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Update docs to explain differences between s3 and this backend (Elek, Márton)
  • Swift
    • Fix About so it shows info about the current container only (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Union
    • Fix treatment of remotes with // in (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix deadlock when one part of a multi-upload fails (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix eplus policy returned nil (Vitor Arruda)
  • Yandex
    • Add permanent deletion support (deinferno)

Amazing work guys.

Thanks for all the effort you put into this .

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Big Update, thanks!!

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