Rclone 1.42 release

Rclone 1.42 has been released!

Highlights include the opendrive backend; the deletefile command; vfs chunked reading; the –max-transfer flag and many more improvements and fixes!

Download from: https://rclone.org/downloads/

Thank you to all the contributors to this release - your help is much appreciated!


  • v1.42 - 2018-06-16
    • New backends
      • OpenDrive (Oliver Heyme, Jakub Karlicek, ncw)
    • New commands
      • deletefile command (Filip Bartodziej)
    • New Features
      • copy, move: Copy single files directly, don’t use --files-from work-around
        • this makes them much more efficient
      • Implement --max-transfer flag to quit transferring at a limit
        • make exit code 8 for --max-transfer exceeded
      • copy: copy empty source directories to destination (Ishuah Kariuki)
      • check: Add --one-way flag (Kasper Byrdal Nielsen)
      • Add siginfo handler for macOS for ctrl-T stats (kubatasiemski)
      • rc
        • add core/gc to run a garbage collection on demand
        • enable go profiling by default on the --rc port
        • return error from remote on failure
      • lsf
        • Add --absolute flag to add a leading / onto path names
        • Add --csv flag for compliant CSV output
        • Add ‘m’ format specifier to show the MimeType
        • Implement ‘i’ format for showing object ID
      • lsjson
        • Add MimeType to the output
        • Add ID field to output to show Object ID
      • Add --retries-sleep flag (Benjamin Joseph Dag)
      • Oauth tidy up web page and error handling (Henning Surmeier)
    • Bug Fixes
      • Password prompt output with --log-file fixed for unix (Filip Bartodziej)
      • Calculate ModifyWindow each time on the fly to fix various problems (Stefan Breunig)
    • Mount
      • Only print “File.rename error” if there actually is an error (Stefan Breunig)
      • Delay rename if file has open writers instead of failing outright (Stefan Breunig)
      • Ensure atexit gets run on interrupt
      • macOS enhancements
        • Make --noappledouble --noapplexattr
        • Add --volname flag and remove special chars from it
        • Make Get/List/Set/Remove xattr return ENOSYS for efficiency
        • Make --daemon work for macOS without CGO
    • VFS
      • Add --vfs-read-chunk-size and --vfs-read-chunk-size-limit (Fabian Möller)
      • Fix ChangeNotify for new or changed folders (Fabian Möller)
    • Local
      • Fix symlink/junction point directory handling under Windows
        • NB you will need to add -L to your command line to copy files with reparse points
    • Cache
      • Add non cached dirs on notifications (Remus Bunduc)
      • Allow root to be expired from rc (Remus Bunduc)
      • Clean remaining empty folders from temp upload path (Remus Bunduc)
      • Cache lists using batch writes (Remus Bunduc)
      • Use secure websockets for HTTPS Plex addresses (John Clayton)
      • Reconnect plex websocket on failures (Remus Bunduc)
      • Fix panic when running without plex configs (Remus Bunduc)
      • Fix root folder caching (Remus Bunduc)
    • Crypt
      • Check the crypted hash of files when uploading for extra data security
    • Dropbox
      • Make Dropbox for business folders accessible using an initial / in the path
    • Google Cloud Storage
      • Low level retry all operations if necessary
    • Google Drive
      • Add --drive-acknowledge-abuse to download flagged files
      • Add --drive-alternate-export to fix large doc export
      • Don’t attempt to choose Team Drives when using rclone config create
      • Fix change list polling with team drives
      • Fix ChangeNotify for folders (Fabian Möller)
      • Fix about (and df on a mount) for team drives
    • Onedrive
      • Errorhandler for onedrive for business requests (Henning Surmeier)
    • S3
      • Adjust upload concurrency with --s3-upload-concurrency (themylogin)
      • Fix --s3-chunk-size which was always using the minimum
    • SFTP
      • Add --ssh-path-override flag (Piotr Oleszczyk)
      • Fix slow downloads for long latency connections
    • Webdav
      • Add workarounds for biz.mail.ru
      • Ignore Reason-Phrase in status line to fix 4shared (Rodrigo)
      • Better error message generation

Hello Nick, thank you very much and all the other collaborators!

One question: reading the page about the new deletefile command, I found the text (in title and synopsis) :

Remove a single file path…

Would not it be better just

Remove a single file …

The plans to make an integrated version to bypass 750GB / day upload limit to gdrive on a single account ???

Something like let --drive-impersonate cycle through a list of email adresses - is that it?

Thanks for the links! Yes it looks like some scheme making --drive-impersonate use multiple users would work. This wouldn’t be too tricky to implement…

The thing is the user has to make between 2+ more json files and then has to be imported, renamed, and then deploys. streamlined the coding to make it easier; then cloudcmd launches directly to allow upload of the json files easily.

Are there any people working on this implementation, by switching auto between service accounts?

I fixed that now - thanks!

I haven’t had time to do this yet, alas…

This (rather cryptic) issue https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/2129 is the one if anyone would like to help with it!

please make this optional and for the time being is there a workaround to not copy/move empty source dirs?

There isn’t an option to disable it at the moment. You can use rclone rmdirs to delete the empty directories on the destination if you want.

Why is it causing you a problem?

I use it to daily upload a bunch of files which gets sorted in different directories. Those dirs must exist at the source, but not at the destination. I remove them manually when I’m done and it happens that there are no new files for weeks. if the dir gets created I need to take a look into it to find if there are any new files.

rclone rmdirs dest: might be an acceptable work-around for you.

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how do I use this feature? I didn’t find it mention in the documents yet? or was I just looking in the wrong place?

–max-transfer flag

Wohoo! Christmas came early! I’m updating from beta now!

The problem is I can’t exclude empty source directories when using filter

Can you start a new topic and put what you tried in and what you expected to see please?