Plex on encrypt acd remote stuck after few minute

I recently discover Rclone, I want to replace my local storage by amazon drive my connection (400mbits down/60mbits up). So i install rclone create a new remote acd and a second one encrypt.
Even when i put a movie on the acd remote, when i start it from plex it start but after some time it’s stop …
In the log of plex i got in infinite loop with this message : We want 360 seconds ahead, last returned was 230.000000 and max is 621.788000.

CPU load isn’t big 10-20%. I don’t know what i miss :confused: or where to look.

I mount the encrypt folder with : rclone mount --allow-non-empty --allow-other --read-only --max-read-ahead 14G --acd-templink-threshold 0 -vv --debug-fuse --dump-headers --log-file rclone.log encrypt: /mnt/encrypt/

When i transcode it’s seem to work well but not when i direct play

If you turn up the debug logging in plex and look at your “Scanner” log, you can see what it is doing.

It’s probably going through and analyzing each file due to the mod time changing or something along those lines.

Some tips, max-read-ahead doesn’t do anything for the mount. You want to use the buffer command.

@Ajki has his list to mount here ->

It really works very well for Plex, but getting past the analyze is your challenge most likely.

Why the scanner my test is only with one movie. For instance I copy a single movie in the ACD directory mounted and i set this directory as a Library in plex. If i read this movie (8Go) in direct play it’s go well few second (the movie is playing) but it got stuck. But if i transcode it the movie play fine (720p 8mbits).

I try to user buffer command and it’s the same problem

Can you share the rclone log? I moved away from ACD as the service was too sporadic for me as it seems to be having some capacity issues. You can see in the log if you are getting timeouts on playing or if it’s having issues buffering the file up.

I don’t understand :confused: why its work when it’s transcoding (this log is the direct play when its stuck)

What are you using in Plex via the Transcoder settings? What version of Plex too?

Plex version 1.5.5

When WE use acd Can we direct play ? Or transcoding is mandatory ?
Because I haven’t any problem when i use the transcoder … But take a lot more CPU

No, you should be able to direct play without an issue. At 1.5.5 it did fix the /dev/shm issue that was previous before.

You aren’t light on memory and swapping or anything with using /dev/shm?

I had no problems with streaming or direct play as long as ACD was behaving, but it doesn’t seem you are seeing any time outs or anything along those lines.

What does your server log say when you are playing?

Nop I have 5Go free (RAM)

which log plex ? (Plex media server.log???)
I don’t understand i just disable Direct play and it’s ok …; But like I said CPU usage isn’t the same at all

That’s really goofy. Yeah, if you turn on debug for the server, you can see the “Plex Media Server.log”

It should give some details in there.

What device are you using for playback too?

I dont know what i did but I’m not able to start à mobile without transcoding …

My client is chrome or edge (Windows 10)

An exemple of file :

player conf

I don’t know why it transcode the movie :

If you check the activity log by opening another browser window, you can see what/why it is doing it.

Most likely the resolution doesn’t match up or perhaps an audio codec is different.

To rule out rclone, are you able to copy the file locally and see if that works.

enable DEBUG logging in PMS and the MDE information will show up in the server logs.
The MDE (Media Decision Engine) will tell you exactly why it is transcoding the file.

On plex how can i connect to an annother Windows to monitor ?
I don’t understand today it’s working fine with the same file … No transcoding … No explanation …

log MDE :
MDE: analyzing media item 31385
May 03, 2017 18:51:35.895 [0x7f7e3e3f4700] DEBUG - MDE: MOVIE: Direct Play is disabled
May 03, 2017 18:51:35.895 [0x7f7e3e3f4700] DEBUG - MDE:MOVIE: media must be transcoded in order to use the hls protocol
May 03, 2017 18:51:35.896 [0x7f7e3e3f4700] DEBUG - MDE: MOVIE: no direct play video profile exists for http/mkv/h264
May 03, 2017 18:51:35.896 [0x7f7e3e3f4700] DEBUG - MDE: MOVIE: no direct play video profile exists for http/mkv/h264/ac3
May 03, 2017 18:51:35.896 [0x7f7e3e3f4700] DEBUG - MDE: MOVIE: selected media 0 / 31385
May 03, 2017 18:51:35.896 [0x7f7e3e3f4700] DEBUG - Streaming Resource: Adding session 0x7f7e44251ea0:exsk0jfw6ou5exudgmzuv1v5 which is using 10992kbps of WAN bandwidth. Used is now 10992kbps
May 03, 2017 18:51:35.896 [0x7f7e3e3f4700] DEBUG - Streaming Resource: Added session 0x7f7e44251ea0:exsk0jfw6ou5exudgmzuv1v5
May 03, 2017 18:51:35.896 [0x7f7e3e3f4700] DEBUG - Streaming Resource: Reached Decision id=11780 codes=(General=1001,Direct play not available; Conversion OK. Direct Play=3000,App cannot direct play this item. Direct play is disabled. Transcode=1001,Direct play not available; Conversion OK.) media=(id=31385 part=(id=31757 decision=transcode container=mpegts protocol=hls streams=(Video=(id=65380 decision=copy width=1920 height=796) Audio=(id=65381 decision=copy channels=6 rate=48000))))
May 03, 2017 18:51:35.984 [0x7f7e41bfb700] DEBUG -

When reading :

But i still got some buffering and I don’t know why in log of rclone they are no problem. And the log of plex its just too much verbose :confused: to find something.

When i monitor my cpu they are 5% on rclone mount when it’s buffering i suppose that is the problem of buffering …

Is that a problem if the RAM is fill more than 70% ?

I don’t understand

I could be wrong… But I’m not aware of any browser that can DIRECTPLAY an MKV or AC3 audio, hence the reason the media is transcoding

It’s not transcoding or it’s not taking CPU ressources