Plex ACD mount, plays for like 3~5 sec and starts buffering

He Guys, yesterday I had everything copied to ACD (location: US). Mount settings as followed:
–read-only --allow-other --acd-templink-threshold 0 --stats 1s --buffer-size 1G

Everything is encrypted with rclone. So some minor overhead there.

There was literally no other job running on the box. I started the serie/movie and watched the mount log. It was getting the file from ACD so far so good, no errors nothing. The serie started but stopped after 5 secs and started buffering again and never continued playing. I use Directplay so no transcoding in place. The box is on a 1GBit/s connection, has 48G of RAM and 16 cores and SSD’s so plenty of power there.

I don’t understand why this happens because when I download/upload files from and to ACD I will get like 150 to 250 mbits so that should be enough for a Serie/Movie right?

Another strange thing is that it’s running without any trouble on my laptop. But when I use plex on my Mac mini it’s has trouble. (both: plex media player and identical settings same version).
And of course there are no problems when I use the local storage from the box for media instead of ACD. On both devices macbook air and mac mini playing without trouble than. Only when I use ACD there is trouble on the Mac Mini. Had also a friend complaining about the same buffering trouble when he used is AppleTV.

Strange isn’t it. I can’t find where this is going wrong. Already reinstalled plex on the Mac mini.

Anybody had something similar? Ooow and before I forget, I used the following thread for some tweaking: Best mount settings for streaming ( Plex ) And the mentioned GITI wiki.

Hope to get some help from someone!!

Thanks everyone!

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It’s said that the current public and plexpass Plex Media Servers are having issues when it comes to this scenario… The Plex Team has addressed the issue and will fix it in a later 1.5x version. In the meantime you could try version 1.3.4 or lower…

Then again if you read my post (currently the last message) in ‘best rclone settings for plex’ then it could be the issue of Plex not having the media locally stored… and I am not speaking for acdcli as a mounting option, but more in combination with rclone mount (encrypted)…

We (the diehard community lol) will figure it out sometime soon I hope :slight_smile:

Hmm that could be the issue than. Running plexpass version “” now.
Do you have a link for the latest stable version for Ubuntu x64 .deb package? Or point me to one? :smiley:

Let me fetch it for you

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Thanks! Do you also have the plex thread for me, interesting to read it.

Hopefully it will help me with the issues I currently have.

Thank for your help I appreciate it!

Not sure IF it will help... you can always try

Here is the link to the topic on the Plex forum:

Like many others, the buffering I get when streaming from ACD is driving me crazy. I’m using rclone v1.36 with a buffer-size of 128M. After a few seconds, the stream buffers…without fail.

This time, for whatever reason, when it buffered, I looked at the terminal window where I had started the mount and noticed an error:

2017/03/26 21:08:21 ERROR : media/tv/Life in Pieces/Season 01/Life in Pieces - S01E04 - Prison Baby Golf Picking HDTV-720p.mkv: ReadFileHandle.Read error: low level retry 1/10: unexpected EOF

I get this every time it buffers. Anybody know why this happens?

Also running into the same issue.

I am however not running Plex.

I am running Kodi and got this while trying to play off ACD
: Movies/10 Things I Hate About You 1999/10 Things I Hate About You.mkv: ReadFileHandle.Read error: low level retry 1/10: unexpected EOF

Can some guys explain how they have this stable running:

It starts playing without trouble, after a few seconds it hits buffering… And never plays any further.
I can’t find what is going wrong. Any body around here that has it running smooth without any trouble.

Ooh and transcode or directplay doesn’t makes a difference. Plexpy just says buffering when it happens. Logging doesn’t give any decent info. Is there a trick, maybe a tweaked kernel or something like that?

I suggest you check it with my script

you will see the average bitrate and copy speed

Similar issue here, @mitchel.

My scenario:

  • HP G8 16GB, SSD also
  • 200/200Mb connection
  • rclone mounting ACD crypt
  • Odroid C2 as Plex Media Player
  • Directplay setup

Almost always, when I start to play a serie/movie, no matter which filesize is (sometimes 3GB, sometimes 30GB), it pauses after 5 secs, it takes some time with freeze display and then continues (or not, and I must start to play the serie/movie again).

I will try some suggestions I read here…


It’s worth noting that I have my library in both ACD and Google Cloud. This only happens with ACD.

I had the EOF error when I was still on rclone 1.35, 1.36 seems to have resolved the issue. I think this was the fix in 1.36:

Fix retry on network failure when reading off crypt

Really? No stucks, no freezes, no fails?

I think for most people who have had ACD buffering issues at this point have switched over to gdrive and are very happy with the move. If you make the switch and stay with rclone make sure you disable plex library scans, tasks etc. Right now the two do not play well together and could potentially get you banned.

Oke, I assume you are one of them? I was wondering how do you manage to add you libary to plex than? And keep it up-to-date? If you can’t scan you’re library…

You can use scripts that monitors a directory and performs library scans manually against that.

Yes, but one library has like 1000 movies in it, but you won’t get trouble than?
Do you have some links with examples and scripts? Could be useful :smiley:


There are several in this forum if you search for it. You can do an initial scan and risk the ban or do it in batches. The other option is to help @ncw and/or encourage him to implement metadata caching that will help. There are other gdrive mount tools that do that such as node-gdrive and ocaml-google-drive that some have switched to until there are caching on the rclone mount side. Have yet to see any bans with full library scans while using those. Each comes with their own pro/cons. If you want to discuss more join us in the slack channel. We have on going discussion about them there.

@Offtopic - which channel?