On my own root server, what is the recommended object storage system to use?

I would like to serve files from my linux server, and encrypt them on the client side using the rclone remote type crypt, from an android phone using rcx.

What is the recommended object storage system to use on the server-side?

  • sftp through openssh-server, restrict shell access to commands e.g. md5sum
  • rclone serve sftp

something else?

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the problem with rcx, has not been updated in close to two years.


rclone serve sftp is probably more secure as it doesn't do anything else where as you'll have to tighten the security of the ssh server. As for speed of each - I did a very unscientific test on my laptop and discovered that they both run at about 300 MiB/s so will fill your 1Gbit or 10Gbit lan no problem. openssh was about 10% faster.

Some of the storage facilities that are supported by rclone and can be used in your case include:
Amazon S3
Google Cloud Storage
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
Backblaze B2.
Any other server that supports SFTP, FTP, or WebDAV.
Choosing a particular storage location depends on your needs and preferences. If you already use one of the cloud stores listed above, this might be a good choice, as rclone can easily integrate with them. If you prefer to use SFTP via an openssh server, that is also possible. However, it is recommended to use SFTP only if you understand the security risks and have sufficient knowledge about security and server administration. In addition, it is recommended to use a VPN or SSH tunnel to protect data transmitted via SFTP.

I hope my answer helped you in some way.

I want to store the data locally on my root server instead of Public Cloud like Amazon S3. Just wondering what's the best protocol for connecting to the server from my client if i control both ends. I know security, i have set up some measures to protect ssh.

Thanks for the information on the performance. Having a separate executable for file hosting and server admin sounds like an improvement to security.

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