Offering a bounty for rclone that works with Plex/sonarr/rardarr/etc

I would be willing to fund a bounty program for $1000 USD if somebody would be willing to make a rclone product that mounts both Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive (Google Drive first) and allows streaming and uploading under either Centos 7 or ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Currently nothing under unix seems to be stable (tried them all), and rclone seems to be the most stable EXCEPT for the problem with Plex.

I need wife happiness factor and if this helps others who are having the same problem, then this is a great thing.


Just use node-gdrive-fuse to mount GDrive, and RClone to mount ACD.

node-gdrive-fuse just keeps crashing on me, I’m not sure why… maybe it’s the size of the library.

Mine never fail on me, it’s depend on your usage, make sure don’t do change much inside your Google Drive WebUI, or anywhere else, keep your changes in batch and when ever you doing them, after the changes, unmount the drive, delete the files inside the cache/data folder and then mount it again, it will sync all the changes.

Other than this problem, I never had any single problem with it.

what are differences between node-gdrive-fuse and rclone mount?
why not use rclone mount?

I’m using the scripts gesis published in /r/plexacd as a base for my setup. I’ve modified them a bit. rclone mount was failing in the plex/sonarr maintenance windows. Narrowed it down to being due to the setup reaching the ulimit -n cap on my hetzner machine (it was set to 1024 as default). 1024 opened files isn’t that much when a socket connection is a file on linux.

What sort of instability are you experiencing?

They are different app to mount GDrive into your system.

node-gdrive-fuse is discontinue around 1 year ago, but still operational and it has good performance and good caching system.

rclone mount, is good at most of the stuff, except the way it handle reading and caching the drive, because it try to read each single file inside the drive and that cause too much usage on the drive and Google will ban you for 24 hours, so most of the people don’t use rclone mount.

This exactly. I’m willing to pay for people to fix this so others can use this correctly and “rclone” can be to the goto program and is fully supported with the fanatical support we get from rclone at the moment.

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Well hopefully it gets fix soon and we all be happy :slight_smile:

If you are that serious you should probably ping @ncw directly and talk to him about it.

I’ve made a few posts about the problem but I know @ncw is exceptionally busy (especially with his wife, according to the donate page). If he is willing to make it happen directly, I’ll donate $1000 right now because I believe in the guy so much… who couldn’t believe in a guy who wears a white hat!

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One way to solve your problem is to use an alternative to Plex. You won’t get transcoding but you can get pretty much every thing else. I use kodi pointed to a nginx webdav built on a unionfs filesystem (local for nfo and jpgs / remote for media). I scan against ACD and play against gdrive. I also have a central MySQL for kodi’s watch/library. It’s a bit complex but works well. I just bring my fire stick when I travel but I could really play on any device that kodi runs on (or even mxplayer since it’s just a http share).

My next endeavor is to work out adaptive rtmp streaming within nginx for transcoding. No idea yet if it’s possible. Something like this:

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Well that’s too much to do, we have options to go right now like:


  1. acd_cli : it do the work, you never get ban, it’s just sometimes sync gets corrupted and Amazon is sucks.


  1. node-gdrive-fuse : which is the best to me for Google Drive right now, only don’t get the new file changes correctly, so as long as you don’t modify your Google Drive often or you do it in batch, you will be fine.
  2. ocamlfuse : it’s another mount option, it’s not bad, but I still prefer the first option.

As you can see all of these works with Plex and non of them get you in trouble.

But rclone mostly have stuff from all of them, except it cause you trouble with Google, which the point of OP to get fix.

Yes of course that’s true. Once Plex delivers a cloud friendly scanner and fault tolerance is built into rclone or into mergerfs then Plex would be proper but that may be a little while… With Plex your tied to their apps where as with a http server you are unbound to any client. There are trade offs of course to any solution.

What about Plex Cloud? Only for Plex pass right now.

I’m wedded to the Plex ecosystem, and not prepared to change the functionality for my family. This has to be “wife” friendly and a simple http server isn’t wife friendly.


Is there any workaround ?

Currently not. ocaml-google-drive “works” and I’m waiting to support a developer who is doing an amazing job.

I’ve paid the bounty to @ncw this afternoon. Lets hope he can make magic happen.

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Yeah the community need rclone to work flawless with plex and google drive. I could donate a few for make that happen too!

@ncw please please!

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