Offering a bounty for rclone that works with Plex/sonarr/rardarr/etc

@yonjah already started the process, check github:

Hopefully soon rclone will be the only tool needed for the job.

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There is a donate button Donate to rclone available for you to push… The more flowers his wife gets the better we all will be.

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I’m praying it’s also fast in lookups for the filesystem… Please make a “Greedy” mode where we can allocate RAM to the database to make it as fast as possible

I’m using rclone with Amazon, because when i was using acd_cli i’ve often got the corrupted database when syncing. With rclone i have another problem… often plex times out waiting for rclone to start passing the media it is downloading to plex transcoder. It happens more than 50% of the time.

@azgul: hi Martin! can you post those scripts? :smiley: