New Limit Unlocked on Google Drive

I am moving my data from my personal drive to shared drives with new service users.
This workaround solves the problem for me for now.
My personal user still can not create items in any drive (personal or shared). Will check if this improves once the data moves are done and the amount of items that my personal user created decreases after deletes in my personal folder.

This "Bug" will never get fixed.

GDrive now have a file limit.

"Error 403: This account has exceeded the creation limit of 5 million items. To create more items, move items to the trash and delete them forever."

That's true unfortunately, support got back to me and said the same thing. The "activeItemCreationLimitExceeded" error now actually has a changed error message. That you can't have over 5 million files in My Drive. Similar to how Shared Drives has had a 400,000 file limit for quite sometime.

where can I see how many items do I have?


On Rclone Mount Point.

cd /media/gdrive

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You can use

rclone size drive:

this may take a long time if there are a lots of files. took about 10minutes for my 170k files


I have only

7560 directories, 63986 files

It was returning the same error as the 5 million items.

Blockquote "Error 403: This account has exceeded the creation limit of 5 million items. To create more items, move items to the trash and delete them forever."

I cleaned the Drive and now it just returns the activeItemCreationLimitExceeded error too.

Drive ended up making more confusion in deletion. Not clearing the trash, throwing the files to the STORAGE tab.

I'm having to do the deletion manually. I tried to report this to support, but to no avail.

It had a little over 1TB of storage, but with a lot of files and folders.

I was getting an unknown error for weeks, now I'm getting the 5 million files error.

Do we know if they started limiting the space from what was unlimited? Or did they start limiting the number of files? Or both?

Did someone get unlimited back by deleting files and going under 5 millions?

Just curious .

Which type files does people store since they exceed the limit on 5 million files?

I have 22TB with aprox 17xxx files.

I checked with rclone size. I have 28.3 millions. I suspect that most of them are backup chunks (from Duplicacy and Arq). And Apple Photo libraries and Final Cut libraries also produce a lot of files.

I could delete the backups (they are old). But I don't know if it's worth it since it would probably be very bothersome to delete all those files (I remember deleting my Google Photo Library took weeks, and those were something like 100k files), and since I don't know if the storage size limit is also in place, so it might even be useless.

A Google spokesperson confirmed to Ars that the file limit isn't a bug, calling the 5 million file cap "a safeguard to prevent misuse of our system in a way that might impact the stability and safety of the system." The company clarified that the limit applies to "how many items one user can create in any Drive," not a total cap for all files in a drive. For individual users, that's not a distinction that matters, but it could matter if you share storage with several accounts.

"Mighty Google" just went to be ass**les

It looks like Google have changed their mind about the 5M file limit:

They also said they will communicate changes to users in advance which is good news too.


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