New Limit Unlocked on Google Drive

I had this issue pop up a few days ago. I'm using shared drives and service accounts, and realised that I was only using one service account and those uploads were failing with the same error.

I switched to another service account and its now working again - so either this is some new limit Google introduced or some really high limit that was just reached. If you're using shared drives/service accounts is this something you can try?

What we can infer from the information on the thread is that google drive API has started triggering the 403 error with FileCreationLimit so google api team has changed something at their end. This has been referenced by one user above as already pointed out.

The google support reply is what needs to be questioned to ensure that it is on point. Because that could be the solution and potentially the only one if the "change" is not reversed.

Found this in the google issuetracker:

Raising the users to 5 did not remove the size limit on the subscription. Only got up 25 TB.
In a chat with workspace support I asked about the increase of file storage. The request is sill beeing processed.

Workspace support told me to contact API Support as well, which only lead to a loop between these to sites:
Hilfe  |  Google Drive  |  Google Developers (clicking on the link for "email to dev support for Google Workspace" did get me to: )
Support für die Google Workspace API - Google Workspace-Admin-Hilfe (clicking on "Support" next to "Collaboration APIs / Google Drive APIs sent me to the first site)

I should have been clearer on my statement.

  • The 5 User -> unlimited storage is information from the chat with support.
  • The enforcing of storage limits was speculation on my part.

Here is an excerpt from the support chat I had about raising storage limit:

Google Workspace Support, xxx: To confirm you,To access the unlimited storage on the account. We at least need 5 or more than 5 users on the workspace account to get the unlimited storage reflected.
Andreas Bogacki: ah, ok, that does not show on the website though.
So the moment I have 5 users in my subscription, the current limit will lift automatically?
Andreas Bogacki: and I will be back to unlimited storage?
Google Workspace Support, xxx: Yes, Once you add 5 Users. will need to contact us back to get the storage limit increased. As this is not an automated process. You can request additional storage if needed by contacting Google Support."

But as Weapons and bloodrayne said, it seems not to be connected to storage limits but something the API team might have changed.

Hey dude! After spending maybe 3 hours trying to get this sorted one amazing Google One support team member finally said they're escalating the issue to the higher support team. Hopefully this issue gets fixed soon. I keep you updated. Shoutout to Autumn who's helping us out on the case, if you ever see this. Thank you. Really.

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Google support says they don't know what's going either and directed me to this open issue. I suggest everyone at least +1 it if you're affected.

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I'm also affected by the issue.

Drive says that I am over my storage limit having something like 70TB/5TB.

Let's hope it is a temporary glitch.

I am also on a 4 user enterprise, and on a 120/20 (600%) storage overrun. I am still able to upload to gdrive without issue.

Migrating this large amount of data out of Google will be a pain - hopefully this is a glitch and migration won't be needed.

Please let me know if and when:

  1. Google enforces the limit by blocking uploads
  2. there is a workaround that solves the issue (e.g., adding a fifth user)


I am a Google Reseller, I'm currently in talks with Google Workspace regarding if there is still an option for 5 or more enterprise users to have unlimited storage. Will update here shortly.

Ok so what I'm being told,

It seems that Google will be following the same policy as Dropbox, once you reach the storage limit, if you are an enterprise standard or higher user with 5 or more users, they will increase storage upon request, but it will be up to the Google Team's discretion on how much storage you will get.

please note: "Customers that have 5 or more End Users will receive a total amount of Google Drive storage equal to 5TB times the number of End Users, with more storage available at Google's discretion upon reasonable request to Google"

I was told that support confirmed that they can increase my storage and my case will be forwarded to a specialized/separate team to handle my case.

"I'll send a request now to this team to increase your drive storage, they'll be able to increase this kindly note that this team discretion of how much storage will provide you, and I'll follow up with you within 24 hours or sooner to tell you the exact storage that is given to you."

"I have successfully submitted to the team to increase your storage. They'll review you current storage and they'll increase it. In 24 hours or as soon it is applied to our Google Workspace account, I'll send you an email of how much exactly the additional storage Google provided you."

I will update this thread after its done.

Update: I have added a fifth user to my account and asked for additional storage. I will let you know Google's reply.


Another question: which alternatives with unlimited storage (or 150TB+ storage) would you recomend that are compatible with rclone.

Alternatively, solutions for inhouse (non-cloud) storage. My main use case is streaming video.

Thanks in avance,

Dropbox Advanced Teams, around $30 a user, need 3 users minimum so around $90 a month. Unlimited storage, 3TB to start with, but you need to request when it nears full. I expanded it with 100 TB when I filled up the 3 TB.

Update: I had 30TB Quota and it seems Google added 30TB more, this is not enough for my use as I'm already over the limit of 60TB.

What are the daily download/upload quotas for dropbox? And also, looking at your other post, dropbox is looking like the better option already based on what google has added for you.

No Daily Upload/Download Quota or Limit


We have several Team Drives. No problem with uploading, but since around Feb 14 we cannot download files which are bigger than ~1TB, always getting "403 The download quota for this file (ANY file >~0.9TiB really) has been exceeded". After one day I can start downloading but only for a few minutes, and back to the loop of 403's.


Aproximately a fortnight later, without any particular reason, my problem disappeared....

Hi Vasco,

Have you heard back from Google? Did they expand your storage, and if yes, to how much?


This does not have anything to do with licenses, as I have a standalone Google Drive account + 2TB bought storage, and have also been facing the issue since ~14 Feb. The Drive has had ~1.5M+ files in it without a problem since months now, and is only using ~80% of the storage.

Also this isn't an API issue... as even when trying to do something basic like creating a new folder via the Web view, you get the error "Upload Failed.".

This sounds like just another Google screw-up.... and what really sucks is that they are taking so long to acknowledge or fix it. The issue in the bug tracker is still only Priority-2.... while it has left so many accounts (and businesses) inoperable!

It's been 3 weeks and NOTHING!

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