New Limit Unlocked on Google Drive

So, I have been using google business account for a while and have plenty of data on the drive. However, since yesterday the number of files limit on the drive has reached as rclone is giving me the following IO error:

googleapi: Error 403: The limit for the number items, whether trashed or not, created by this account has been exceeded., activeItemCreationLimitExceeded

There is no real mention of this error anywhere online that I can find and I am also at a loss on how to fix this.

Anyone have experience with this? What can be done to fix this other than throwing the data away?

Are you using a team drive?

Not using team drive. I know team drive limit is 400,000 items. This is not it. The only reference I have found from Google is at:

How many items do you have in your drive?

Files + Folders approx. total looks like 4.5M. There are lots of small files. Some of the non-critical files (30,000 or so) I have removed since yesterday and cleared them from the trash to see if that makes a difference but the error has still persisted.

Take a look at your admin panel, i think you will be over quota and your account is now locked for uploading.

Thanks. Where in the admin console though? Haven't seen any prompts other than drive api upload errors .

Thank you. I have visited that page yesterday and it has no mention of any quota for maximum number of files/folders allowed on google drive and that I have exceeded this quota. That is what the error implies though. Wondering if anyone else has had this error before? Surely I am not alone.

Never seen it before.

There are a number of limits that are not publicly documented. For example, the 10TB download x 24hr from Drives. At least last time I checked.

If you have a business account you should be able to open a support ticket and ask. Maybe you get a proper answer and we all know :slight_smile:

Try to upload someting without rclone via browser or gdrive client from google.

I am having the same issue since 14th of February.
rclone and other services uploading to my google drive come up with errors.
I can not upload anything through the web interface as well.
Running on an "Google Workspace Enterprise Standard" subscription with a single account.
This carried over from a "G Suite Enterprise" subscription with the same single user.
Admin console shows 107.91 TB of shared 5 TB used.
This subscription has been above 100 TB for a long time now.
Google Workspace support told me to contact API support for the error mentioned by OP.

There's no API magic as if you are out of storage and Google enabled something, that's really it.

Just had a chat with Workspace Support.
The storage limit seems to be enforced now and you need 5 users in the Enterprise Standard subscription to have unlimited storage again.

And there we go.

Makes sense.

Thank you! Did they say that having five users will fix the problem?

I ask, as I have added a test user to the mix and the test user can upload without this error.

Edit: Also, what a nice surprise on Valentine's Day.

I know everyone is quick to assume being out of storage or Google enabling something. Before we jump to that conclusion, I also have the same error all over my logs.

Mind you, I have 800TB of available space with all of my accounts, only using 111TB currently. The folder in question is well below the 400k limit as well. According to the admin interface, the shared drive in question is only using 26% of its 400k quota.

Not sure anyone 'assumed' unless this person is making it up?

Its simple, if you had under storage the message box to buy more storage then your account is locked or will get locked soon.

Take a look here: TkHIkGL.jpg (968×364) (

PS: not my picture, its taken from reddit :slight_smile:

I understand what you're saying, but I don't think it's that simple when I'm clearly under my limits.