New feature --buffer-size


I want to say you THANKS, I’m trying it with ACD and value 102400 and it seems like make a buffer of aprox.100Mb is correct?

At the beginning the speed is very high and when the buffer is full, the speed goes at the “streaming speed” and it always refill the buffer with the new data.

It’s advisable to use this value or another one? The buffer is deleted when we stop the streaming or it remaing X time?


Iam also just about to test but i think you still need to use flags b | k | M | G eg --buffer 100M

maybe you are right, i don’t know.

I only tried with 102400 and it makes a 100M buffer

I hope the master can solve us this doubt :slight_smile:

well works for me with 100M as for 102400 it just takes bytes if there was no suffix.

thanks for your reply :smiley:

it seems that it works great for seeking too :smiley:

I had few crashes during playback… run the movie and let it run for a while.

I just saw 2 episodes (3gb aprox each one) without any problem.

That is recommended. However if you leave the flag off you get k. (That is how rsync does it so I copied that!)

I just see a “bug”, if you pause the video, the buffer remains? but when you resume it… the buffer doesn’t refill, it continues playing on “live”

Yes that is right. It fills the buffer as quickly as possible and tries to keep it full.

I need you guys to experiment to find what you think is a good number.

The buffer is deleted when you stop streaming.

I’ve just realized I’m not reinstating the buffer on seek…

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If you pause the video, the buffer is still alive. But it not refill more, when you resume the video, it plays from buffer until it “finish” the buffer and then it continue playing without buffer

I’ve just realised that I wasn’t re-applying the buffer after a seek…

So can you try this beta please (uploaded in 15-30 mins)

How does one monitor the buffer? I am trsting it with 200M but not sure how to tell if its working?

I’m trying and with this beta, buffer doesn’t work. At the beginning it doesn’t buffer anything and if seek either.

Does the buffer keep a certain number of past MB? I ask because I have kids and frequently have to either pause or rewind. It’d be nice to be able to set the past MB to like --buffer-past 1G, as I currently have my --buffer-size 10G. In this example, I would like it to read ahead 9G, and keep 1G in the past for rewind capability. Some, though may want to set it to like --buffer-size 5G and --buffer-past 5G. Just a thought.


the specified buffer-size on a mounted rclone dir is per opened file & RAM only, isn’t it?
why would one use such a large buffer-size?

I have the RAM to spare. Currently running on an unraid box with 30GB RAM.

It can be a good feature, I don’t know if its possible to do.

Are you trying with lastest beta and working buffer? With the yesterday beta it works nice, but with today’s doesn’t work

I’m trying to get it to work right now, but I can’t seem to get the new version of unraid to recognize my new files… not an issue for here though, so I’ll be elsewhere for a bit.
I managed to get it to work now, so I’m testing.

Per your thoughts about the buffer being per file, I’ve reduced my buffer to 5G, as I don’t expect more than 3 streams to happen at once, and even when that happens, most files are below that size anyways.