Mounting GDrive with Raspberry 3B and Plex

Noob here but just wanted to have Plex Media Server installed on my raspberry since it is always on. Figured I could just stream my movies and shows from gdrive.

I installed PMS on my Raspberry Pi 3B, and mounted my gdrive with it using

All movies are set to direct play but I am still experencing 10-20 secs buffering when I am watching a 2gb 8mbps tv show. My internet connection is fine and average download speed from gdrive is about 150-200 mbps.

Before I gave up on this idea, I was thinking if there is any recommended mount settings for Raspberry? I have been trying to read up on the different settings on the mount commands but dont really understand them.

Should I be using a cache?
Any help is appreciated.

Cache is not needed for Plex with the right settings. It seems you found the right thread to learn about these things already. Lots of good info there.

As for it being on a Pi, I'm not sure if that's a problem or not. I would think that direct-streaming should be doable.It should only be relaying the data then, which should be a fairly trivial operation. It is only a long buffering-time before playing (but smooth thereafter) or does it frequently stop to re-buffer mid-play?

The latter issue is something a lot of people face and is not (necessarily) hardware related. Is the result the same on the web-player? All I can really say is that it is perfectly possible to get this working - and without cache - but exactly what the trick is I am not so sure about. Since I don't use Plex myself yet I only know what I've learned from Animosity mostly while helping other users and my info on this is incomplete. His thread is no doubt the place to go to learn more on this.

I would however suggest that you just eliminate the hardware as an issue before you begin by monitoring the CPU-use while you play a stream. Check that it is not maxing out the CPU, as that's the only plausible bottleneck here I would think. If it is not (and I don't expect it will be without any transcoding) then it should be workable. I also believe I have seen other users run Plex on a Pi before, although I have no idea of the spesific models involved.

I'm sorry I can't give a more spesific answer as it relates to Plex, but If you have questions about spesific rclone commands and such then I will be happy to answer any questions you have about those. As I understand there aren't any special flags that should be needed for Plex-use, and as far as running on a Pi is concerned the flags you ought to pay special attention to would be anything that used a lot of RAM. Avoid unnecessarily large buffer settings (which are usually not needed anyway) and don't go overboard on --drive-chunk-size (which is for improving upload performance anyway and probably not that relevant to this issue). 64M is more than enough for good performance. Do not confuse with --vfs-read-chunk-size which is best left at default. The rest you will have to ask me more specifically about I think :slight_smile:

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