Migrating from Google to NextCloud?

Continuing the discussion from Google Photos "high quality" storage no longer 'free' starting June 2021:

Here's the provider I started experimenting with (the idea is to install the NextCloud Server software on a VPS as soon as I'm done testing it): https://cloud.tab.digital (no affiliation: I choose them just because they were the provider with the most free storage listed on https://nextcloud.com/signup/).

I created a free 8GB account and started experimenting with it: so far, the web "app" worked with no issues, the android app too, and what's best, rclone worked right out of the box with no issues at all, just by following the instructions here: https://rclone.org/webdav/ (including the rclone rcat command, which was supposedly not working yet).

My main usage is email (my main, critical use), photos (I take a ton of them), and drive. I occasionally use Contacts and Maps (this last one I don't think is supported at all on Nextcloud).

So, planning for my migration, I would like to ask:

  1. Is there anyone here intensely using Nextcloud (self-hosted or via a provider) as a Google replacement? How well is it working for you?

  2. If self-hosted, how much CPU and RAM have you dedicated to it?

  3. Which version are you using? I've heard v19 is working great, but v20 (the latest) is having some issues...

  4. Is there a way to migrate everything from Google directly (or as directly as possible) into Nextcloud? I've seen a couple of how-tos on migrating Contacts and Drive data, but ideally I would like to take a set of Google Takeout files and inject them directly into Nextcloud. Is that possible?

  5. Any tips, info, warnings, gotchas, etc?

Thanks in advance,
-- Durval.

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I used to run a nextcloud for file sharing and it worked extremely well.

The rclone integration tester runs against nextcloud every day too :slight_smile:

I've only tried the file sharing parts of it though.

Continuing the discussion from Google Photos "high quality" storage no longer 'free' starting June 2021:

FTR, I have just submitted a PR for the documentation updating this: https://github.com/rclone/rclone/pull/4813

-- Durval.

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