MergerFS and multiple Rclone remotes


I'm trying to get mergerFS to play nicely with my multiple Rclone remotes. I have 2 Dropbox mounts, one for tv and one for movie and 1 Google Drive mount that is now readonly (On googles side, Rclone is mounting as read-write as I want Sonarr/Radarr to be able to delete files as needed eg If it upgrades a movie, the upgraded file goes to dropbox and the lesser one gets deleted from gdrive).

My master plan here, is to have all new content get uploaded to my dropbox mounts while in the background I can take as long as I need migrating all old gdrive content to dropbox.

My mergerfs command:

mergerfs -o rw,use_ino,allow_other,category.action=all,category.create=epff,async_read=false,func.getattr=newest,statfs_ignore=nc /mnt/db-tv:/mnt/db-movies:/mnt/gdrive=NC /mnt/unionstor/

I have the mergerfs policy right now as epff, before it was ff but it was sending content put in unionstor/movies to the db-tv rclone remote instead of db-movies.

epff puts things now where I wan'tish, but only if that movie or tv directory does not exist in gdrive. If it does exist on gdrive now sonarr will spit out errors like this when adding new episodes or upgrading a file:

Unable to create directory: /media/TV/Justice League/Season 1: Read-only file system : '/media/TV/Justice League/Season 1'

ChatGPT came to the conclusion that I should use mfs, but I feel like that would just put me back to the same situation with ff and I told it this and it said that mergerfs might not be the best fit and that Rclone Union might be able to do what I want.

Is there a way to get mergerfs to-do what I want or should I give rclone union a try?

I would try to create two mergerfs mounts.
First one that merges db-movies and db-tv with epff policy. Let's mount it to /mnt/newmedia, for example:
mergerfs -o [...] /mnt/db-movies:/mnt/db-tv /mnt/newmedia

Then a second mount:
mergerfs -o [...] /mnt/newmedia:/mnt/gdrive=NC /mnt/unionstor with ff policy

This worked perfectly thanks :+1:

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