Looking to share Google Workspace Enterprise Standard account $11 USD pp/month

Looking to find minimum of 5 people who are interested in getting their own workspace enterprise standard account. Cost would be $11 USD per person per month (Reason why the pricing is cheap because I have signed up for payment in Turkish Lira)

Enterprise standard account comes with unlimited Google Drive storage when the plan has 5 or more users. I understand that people may have concerns, which is why I'm happy to let people trial the account before making any financial commitments.

You will get a custom email address of your choice (for example username@domain.xyz)

I'm able to provide screenshots as proof of the account and its capabilities. I urge anyone who is interested to approach me with an open mind and considerate approach. Please do not hesitate to DM me.

Hi There, I'm interested, I don't know how to DM, but can you DM me so that we can talk further?

Hey! Signed up just to respond to this topic. I'm also looking for a team to share Enterprise account. I don't need more than 10-15 TBs. I don't see the option to DM you, but if you can - I'm in touch.

I might be interested! Send you a DM

Hello @Yukonblonde I'm also interested. Can we continue by DM ? Thank you very much.

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We have one slot left as another user from our group has decided to leave. DM me if interested.

All slots have been filled, thanks!

have you been able to get more than 5tb per user still?

Hello there! Yeah I was able to get more than 5TB per user.
Mind you we have a group of 10 people (9 now), and each user gets 5TB of pooled storage, which results in a total pooled storage of 50TB. However, when we reached 90% of the pooled storage, I requested support to increase our storage, and they promptly increased it to 100TB.

But, just two weeks later, when we reached 90% of the increased storage, I requested another increase, and to my surprise, the support team informed me that they could not grant any further increases for the next 90 days from the last upgrade. I inquired about this policy being mentioned on their website, but they couldn't provide any details. Upon further discussion, they revealed that they have an unmentioned rule to prevent users from "abusing" the storage by limiting the frequency of storage upgrades, even though they grant "as much storage as we need" to customers in need.

Are you crypting everything ?

Ofcourse I am and all the other users

Hi ! I'm intersted too if you have available slots. (I have currently ~55Tb of data that i will have to move now Google is enforcing the 5Tb limit).

Hi, I'm also interested if possible.
I need to move around 80tb
is there a slot available?
sorry for my English.

Hi All!

Please discard this post now as Google is not really providing unlimited storage.

As per the Reddit below, I faced the same issues even though we have 10 users. Support increased the storage amount for the first request. But for subsequent request, they would not increase it. I had to wait 3 months to get additional storage.
I personally think that Google is clamping down on unlimited storage.


Hello - has it been 90 days yet? Did you receive additional storage? How much?