Google Workspace Enterprise Standard quota enforced for users currently under 5 TB?

I'm currently at about 2.7 TB of data stored on my Google Workspace Enterprise Standard subscription (1 user). When I switched from G Suite to Workspace a while ago, the transition was seamless and no quota ever seemed to appear (it always said unlimited), except now it seems that I have 5 TB of shared storage, including Team Drives.

I know there have been several similar topics before but everyone who claims the quotas aren't enforced seems to have had already over 5 TB before the migration, so Google probably didn't want to disrupt their existing storage with this. But am I gonna get locked out of uploading if I ever exceed 5 TB? Anyone with some experience to weigh in on this?


Have a look at this:

Shared drives count towards storage now.

Only way to circumvent is to pool up and share the enterprise standard account with 5 or more users to get unlimited storage.

I made a forum post just now if you are keen to do share an account

I set up a 1 user google enterprise account about 1 year ago - as of now I have about 20 tb on it (mostly crypted) and have not YET encountered this issue. I don't know if they still allow this workaround nor do I know if more people are going to encounter problems not having 5 paid users.

(in fact I uploaded a 1tb file last night)


They recently changed the rules in December when I was testing it out. But yeah you are right, everyone's mileage will vary.

if I get whacked I see a migration to in my future

decided to check my google console, pretty sure that's new - writing is on the wall / clock is ticking I think

That's exactly what I had when I was testing in December. I thought I will be smart and start using shared drives as before they did not have a storage limit but more an item limit. But nope, that is counted towards storage.