Issue templates: 'sthap +1 me tooing'?

Nextcloud has this at the top of issue templates:

<!--- Please keep the note below for others who read your bug report -->

### How to use GitHub

* Please use the ๐Ÿ‘ [reaction]( to show that you are affected by the same issue.
* Please don't comment if you have no relevant information to add. It's just extra noise for everyone subscribed to this issue.
* Subscribe to receive notifications on status change and new comments. 

Thoughts on adding something similar to the rclone repo? I'd add a link to the forum, maybe even How to ask for assistance.

While going through issues, there's just so many 'looks long and seems to have something important', but is yet an another '+1 me too'. (example: #1778: iCloud)

There might be possible pushback, discouraging contributions? Thoughts?

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That is an interesting idea. I wish GitHub could let us put a bit of boiler plate on each issue, but this seems like a good idea.

Please open a new issue on Github and we can discuss this further.



They tried it at one point (bugzilla style). I opted out of it (I feel like I know enough to answer cohesively the questions, without playing dumb and seperating/repeating myself), like I do with bugzilla advanced mode.

Moved to GitHub issue templates: Add GH Etiquette. by jtagcat ยท Pull Request #5261 ยท rclone/rclone ยท GitHub

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@jtagcat I wish GitHub could let us put a bit of boiler plate on each issue. It will correct the mistake. You discussed in your post.

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