Is there an IRC channel for rclone

Was wondering if there was an irc channel for rclone. If not should we start one up on freenode ? :smiley:

I was thinking of setting up a Slack for rclone - is that of interest?


Good idea. Just started using Slack. Tempted to look at making an app to add request via Slack to sonarr or radarr.

that would be great +1 from me

Would definitely be interested in an IRC channel

Slack is IRC for those who moved it 21st century :wink:

p.s. It would be great if your Slack channel could include Plex/Kodi channel as well.

Slack, simpliy because of the asynchronous nature vs. IRC.

big thumbs up for Slack!!

I have made a slack channel…

Here is an invite for anyone who would like to join.

I’ve not used slack much so hopefully I did it correctly!

Got an updated invite for slack, that one has expired.

I’ll set up a bot to do invites for slack eventually, but in the mean time if anyone wants an invite, email from the email address that they want the invite and I’ll add them. subject “rclone slack invite request”.

Or anyone on slack already can do this.

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Anyone got an invite for me? PM me if you can thanks.

PM your email and I’ll send ya invite.

Hello folks,

About Slack being the “21st century IRC”: it may be me becoming old, but I think many of the late 20th century things were great improvements not only on what came before, but also on what came after, at least until now :wink: And from the “21st century stuff” I’ve seen so far, IRC is on that category… :slight_smile:

Seriously, I didn’t know Slack, just had a look and it seems very much like Telegram, which I installed here to talk with some old friends from the BBS age; they seem to think Telegram is the cat’s meow (which I beg to differ).

As I’ve only now seen this thread and the rclone Slack channel seems to be a done deed, I would only like to point (for those that will eventually cringe at having another client app installed, or another browser window open on a dynamic, memory leaking “web app”), that IRC, with its instant, synchronous nature, would complement this rclone Forum (on its stored, searchable, self-hosted, and asynchronous aspects) much better than (IMHO) something like Slack.

Anyway, as it seems resistance is futile, I’m getting ready to be assimilated and just sent Nick a request for an invite… :slight_smile:




Nicely said :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: extra smilies due to word character limit :slight_smile:

shoot me a pm with email if you still don’t have invite. I can invite you.

Hi bobbybuildy,

shoot me a pm with email if you still don’t have invite. I can invite you.

Thanks for the offer! PM sent.



Can someone invite me please? Its my username @



could i also get a invite please