Is it possible to encrypt an existing drive as well as doing it on the fly?

Afternoon folks,

I’m currently about 60 hours into an un-encrypted backup of my google drive data to a second google drive and it has just dawned on me that it would make sense to encrypt the data (the source Gdrive data isn’t encrypted as I use Netdrive3 as a mount on Windows to link my data to Plex)

So my question is; can I encrypt the data that has already been backed up? If so should I stop the existing transfer before beginning the process? Or should I just delete what has been transferred so far, set up the crypt and start the backup again?

I’m figuring (or at least hoping) my set up is the best of both worlds; un-encrypted data on one Google drive account that is quickly accessible from various machines or mounts for my day to day usage and an encrypted backup on a second google drive account that covers me in case Google ever decide to get a bit more militant about personal backups of Blu rays etc. Happy to be corrected if this isn’t a decent set up?

Not without downloading it, encrypting it and re-uploading it.

I’d dtop the existing transfer, retransfer with crypt then delete what had been transferred - everyone loves an extra backup!

That sounds perfectly sensible - some bits in clear and some bits encrypted. That is how I run my google drive.

Thanks Nick, the 3 week encrypted backup is now well underway :smiley:

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