Insane bandwidth usage.?

Hi guys.

Bought a new server at Hetzner . Rclone with googledrive crypt. I saw a post in a forum im in, that another guy had insane download usage for 50TB . I told him that I didnt had this issue. But then i checked my new server which hasnt been running for a month yet , download traffic is 17TB??? Outgoing is 1,6 TB .

Server is only running Plex with Rclone 1.45 googledrive

Any fancy idea why the download traffic is exploding? He told that he went from cache to vfs , but pas month is just insane ???

Is it related to 1.45 ? Running Ubuntu 16.04LTS

The goal would be to figure out what your Plex settings are as rclone itself doesn’t use any bandwidth.

It’s the applications installed that are driving it.

What are your plex settings for scheduled tasks? Is the library analyzed? If you check the logs, what you are seeing?

Are you running any other programs?

If you check for open files on the mount, what processes are using it?

You can sudo lsof /mountpoint

Hi Ani

Well its running plex with rclone 1.45 .

I see 1 stream now with lsof, but alot of sessions ???

Here is my mount command:

Is that the lsof output?

You have something configured very wrong if that’s the case. I’m not sure what offhand, but I have 2 streams going and my output:

felix@gemini:~$ sudo lsof /GD
mergerfs 3378 root  132r   REG   0,41 2018621026 17988931401215338192 /GD/TV/Doctor Who (2005)/Doctor.Who.2005.S11E09.mkv
mergerfs 3378 root  133r   REG   0,41 1027777228  1499650668081481364 /GD/TV/Future.Man/Future.Man.S02E01.mkv
felix@gemini:~$ sudo lsof /gmedia | grep -v torrent
Plex\x20T 21421 felix    5r   REG   0,44  2018621026 443701 /gmedia/TV/Doctor Who (2005)/Doctor.Who.2005.S11E09.mkv
Plex\x20T 24565 felix    6r   REG   0,44  1027777228 451196 /gmedia/TV/Future.Man/Future.Man.S02E01.mkv

You’d probably need to share a bit more like what your mount config is, what’s your plex config and what are the logs from Plex showing as seeing that many open files isn’t right.

Yes thats the output. The Criminal minds is from 1 streamer to a Samsung TV with direct play.

Dont know what I can configure wrong?

Here is Scheduled tasks

Perform Extensive media analysis full downloads/scans every single file you have and is only used for bandwidth restrictions. I’d definitely turn that off.

Refresh media analysis does a a ffprobe/mediainfo on the files during your maintenance window.

You’d want to check your plex logs and try to figure out what’s going on with that stream being played as something isn’t right.

Are you optimizing any libraries? Are any users sync’ing files? What’s the actual size of your library?

felix@gemini:~$ rclone about GD:
Used:    52.686T
Trashed: 0
Other:   87.432M

Do you have thumbnail creation on for your libraries? Do you have chapters?

Another set of settings to have off:

My library is:

Used: 18.830TB
Trashed : 11.361TB
Other: 0

I saw that my TV- Series had Enabled Video previews thumbnails on - Disabled that now.

All other thumbnails etc are disabled for movies.

Server settings for thumbnails are also disabled ; Generate video preview thumbnails

So having thumbnails on would download entire files and write out all the thumbnails creating a lot of bandwidth usage.

What should I look for in plex logs?

Oh OK. But its now disable, but the lsof looks the same for that Criminal minds.


Ok but do you know what I should look for?

Also … the Criminal minds is not streamed anymore, but lsof keeps showing those sessions for Criminal minds, all other streams are perfect!

You’d probably want to restart Plex if you made all the settings changes as it’s probably still generating something for that file.

I’d check a few things, but errors being the first. There are quite a long list of things to look for and without seeing it, I’m not sure. Just start looking through them.

Ok will look into it . :slight_smile:

Ok logs are checked. Nothing in the logs at all . No problems.

Now I see that the user started episode 24, still the same. All other streams are working just fine.

See htop . Dont see any problems and too much opened sessions either?