Insane bandwidth usage.?

And im not optimising any libraries either.


Nick do you have any ideas whats going on here when I use lsof /mount .

Its only when 1 user , and its a specific user. It showing all those “sessions” in lsof. I my selv have a Samsung tv, dont get the issue there, also the other use have Samsung…

Does it mean anything?

I’ve asked a few times and without the logs, we can only guess.

If you want to share the Plex logs, I’m happy to take a look and you should turn on the mount in debug, but I’m guessing it’s just going to show open files.

Here is some data incoming traffic and outgoing for current plex streams.


Thanks Ani - but there is nothing in the plex log on the session, I looked through everything.

Without logs, it’s just throwing a dart in the air my friend. Good luck.

Ok which logs you need mate? I will try enable them again.

Rclone mount with debug on.
Plex logs.

Reproduce error.

You can share logs here or PM me and I’ll take a look through.

If you can let me know the times the error occurred, that would be helpful.

Ok rclone -v is that enough?

-vv would be debug. It does generate quite the info so it’ll be big.

Ok brb will update my service file.

You need to disable “Perform extensive media analysis during maintenance”. And for start run and stop run better only have 3 hour period or less.

My problem was solved :slight_smile:

Disabled and now my traffic is normalized .