How to resume upload?


i’m using rclone in a docker and uploading many large files on gdrive (crypt).
However, I had to stop the container for some reasons. When I relaunch the container, rclone simply skipped the file that were being uploaded (ie not resuming the upload). I will let it finish the remaining upload, but I would like to know how to resume those “half” uploads ?

here is the cmd i’m using:
rclone sync -P --checkers 5 --log-file /logs/rclone.log --tpslimit 5 --transfers 5 --fast-list --drive-chunk-size 32M -v /data/ gdrive_crypt:

Thank you

Can you reproduce the issue again and grab it with -vv and share the log?

Its weird, I’ve stopped again rclone and restart with -vv and there is no trace at all of the files that are partially uploaded and therefore skipped.
it’s like rclone is ignoring these source files ???

I don’t know as you have not shared any logs or posted any information to look at :slight_smile:

If you can share some logs, we can help out.

You can find the log file here: pastebin
Thank you !

So the resume issue is caught here:

So nothing to do at this point on the resume until that issue is resolved.

this issue is open since 2015, seems hard to fix…
So in order for me to upload the missing files, what do you know what should i do ?

I plan to do:

  1. identify all not complete files (with cryptcheck cmd ?)
  2. manually delete these folders on gdrive
  3. redo a new sync

am i correct ?

Simpky rerunning it will ensure they are uploaded as it will recompare and fix itself… There’s nothing special to do.

That issue was for a different use case of resuming.

But I already stopped twice the sync command and relaunch it. After relaunch, it simply skipped the content half uploaded => there are no resume being done and the skipped file is therefore not uploaded.

So what should I do for the skipped file to be uploaded again ?

What is the name of the file that was skipped in the log ?

Files won’t partially upload. They will restart. If they were partial the size would be different and hash would be different and it would be replaced on the next run.

Yes, but this is not working in my case.
One file that wad skipped is Dunkirk => there is no mention of it being skipped / tentatively resumed / or being uploaded again.
My guess is that rclone will try to uploaded it again once all files are

It should do just that on the next sync.

I experienced this a couple of times.

What worked for me was mounting both remotes and syncing with another tool. FreeFileSync did it for me.

you shouldn’t have to use another tool. Simply rerunning rclone will sync anything that is different. If you have a different issue, post a log.


alors je confirme bien que les fichiers dont l’upload a ete interrompu ont bien ete repris en toute fin (c’est a dire, apres que les autres fichiers ont tous ete charge).
Donc pas de soucis !