How to find the place rlone is installed on Synology


I have installed rclone on my Synology NAS and it has been running for months. Last week I registered that it did not run as usual.

I will try to re-run command

rclone config

Seems I have forgotten how to find rclone install

I SSH into NAS with username/password (not admin)
did run sudo -i
when i run dir command this is what I get


I am pretty shure rclone is not placed on a standard place, did have trouble install it

When I run

rclone config

this is result

Can I have wrong credentials?
Other help to get?

Thanks M

hello and welcome to the forum,

i also have a few synboxes.

user99@bnas:~$ which rclone

user99@bnas:~$ rclone config file
Configuration file is stored at:

Thats a good tip. My problem is that I cant brows to them from DSM, nor Putty SSH.

Any tip to reach them form SHH?

post the output of both commands that i shared?

and here is some more output

user99@bnas:~$ cd ~

user99@bnas:~$ pwd

user99@bnas:~$ ls ~/.config/rclone/

user99@bnas:~$ ls /var/services/homes/user99/.config/rclone/

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