How to Display Google Drive Trash?

I'm using RCloneBrowser on Windows and Linux Mint with RClone 1.48. I would like to browser the contents of the trash for an already configured Drive. How do I do that?

Not sure rclone browser has a flag or way to do that.

The way on the command line is using the --drive-trashed-only flag

My remote is GD: and just a simple ls command:

rclone ls GD:  --drive-trashed-only
[felix@gemini ~]$

The browser is really just a shell. It's really rclone underneath and uses the same rclone.conf that you would use from the CLI. Can this flag go in the .conf and if so where?

Right here:

Sorry, new to this. Can you be explicit? My remote is "Google Drive"

  1. assuming I run from CLI what command would I run to show a remote called "Google Drive" and it's trash?

  2. How would I configure rclone.conf so that this stuck?

I believe you can put it into your rclone.conf


[felix@gemini rclone]$ rclone config file
Configuration file is stored at:

Shows you where your file is to modify.

I tried with this, but it didn't display

I was able to display in the CLI via this:
rclone lsd GDrive: --drive-trashed-only (where GDrive is my remote).

If I wanted to move the directories out of the trash, is there a way to do that?

That is odd as I don't see the environment variable working either.

No way to move back out of the trash via CLI to my knowledge.

In the config file that should be just trashed_only = true

make 2 remotes one with trashed_only = true and then use rclone move trashed:dir normal:dir to move directories out of the trash. Rclone doesn't make this very easy - sorry! You'll probably need --drive-server-side-across-configs too.

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