How to copy single file in rcd mode

Hello experts,

We are using rclone in rcd mode and below end point and request body for files transfer.

Req body :frowning:

	"srcFs": "AwsRemote1:medium",
	"dstFs": "AwsRemote2:medium_target",
    "_filter": {
            "MaxAge": "10y"
                "CheckSum": true,
	"_async": true

We are able to transfer directories without any issues. But when we give single file as source it gives error like below :

	"duration": 0.095934158,
	"endTime": "2022-06-29T03:33:37.344522252Z",
	"error": "is a file not a directory",
	"finished": true,
	"group": "job/2",
	"id": 2,
	"output": {},
	"startTime": "2022-06-29T03:33:37.248588076Z",
	"success": false

So is there anyway I can pass single file path for transfer in rcd mode?

I see -v option for non rcd mode (Copy single file)
Wanted to know the option in rcd mode.


operations/copyfile is what you want.

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Thank you @ncw , will try that end point.

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