Copy single file

When I try to copy a single file, it creates a folder with name of file and puts file into it.

Command is
rclone copy amazon:/vzdump-qemu-114-2017_03_16-02_13_00.vma.lzo /var/lib/vz/dump/vzdump-qemu-114-2017_03_16-02_13_00.vma.lzo -v

Then it creates a folder vzdump-qemu-114-2017_03_16-02_13_00.vma.lzo and puts file vzdump-qemu-114-2017_03_16-02_13_00.vma.lzo into that folder. How can not avoid creating that unneeded folder?

rclone copy amazon:/vzdump-qemu-114-2017_03_16-02_13_00.vma.lzo /var/lib/vz/dump/ -v

This just started happening to me. Before a few days ago, it worked as expected, and if I did rclone copy temp.txt amazon:temp.txt it would just copy the file to the root folder. Now as stated, it creates a folder temp.txt then puts temp.txt in that folder. Running 1.36, it also does the same on a move.

rclone copy temp.txt amazon:temp.txt -v
2017/03/19 22:40:54 INFO  : amazon drive root 'temp.txt': Modify window not supported
2017/03/19 22:40:55 INFO  : amazon drive root 'temp.txt': Waiting for checks to finish
2017/03/19 22:40:55 INFO  : amazon drive root 'temp.txt': Waiting for transfers to finish
2017/03/19 22:40:56 INFO  : temp.txt: Copied (new)
2017/03/19 22:40:56 INFO  :
Transferred:   11.457 kBytes (4.231 kBytes/s)
Errors:                 0
Checks:                 0
Transferred:            1
Elapsed time:        2.7s

rclone sync/copy/move copies directory to directory, with a special case if you point to a file for the source.

So the behaviour you see is expeced.


rclone copy temp.txt amazon: -v


rclone copyto temp.txt amazon:temp.txt -v