How I can fix this error

I Have this error some file
how i can fix

ERROR : Aquaman.mkv: Failed to copy: Post unexpected EOF>

You need some additional information from the logs, and possibly the file before and after. Is this the only video file that has this error? Is it the only mkv? Sometimes even simple things like mime can cause weird errors, thus the need for more data. I assume it plays?

What is the command you are using? Since rclone is not yet resumable for Google drive, the statement in your error stating that that it is, does not make sense.

This log

2019/11/01 14:37:27 DEBUG : Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice (2016) (4K)Extended.mkv: Reopening on read failure after 1149239296 bytes: retry 1/10: unexpected EOF


rclone copy --progress --filter-from "E:\rclone\filter.txt" --max-size 25G --fast-list --size-only --transfers=1 --max-transfer=690G --checkers 8 --drive-server-side-across-configs=true -vv --log-file "E:\rclone\log#team.log" serv_4:"Movies 4K MKV" team1_crypt4:"Movies (4K MKV)"

some file is 50+GB

I see that right away.... A 50 gig file will never copy if you have a max size of 25 Gig.

Sorry wrong scrypt

This scrypt

rclone copy --progress --filter-from "E:\rclone\filter.txt" --fast-list --size-only --transfers=1 --max-transfer=690G --checkers 8 --drive-server-side-across-configs=true -vv --log-file "E:\rclone\log#team.log" serv_4:"Movies 4K MKV" team1_crypt4:"Movies (4K MKV)"

Why do you have that anyway? Is that the size of your storage? Usually that is off, as that can also kill the transfer.

If this is Google Drive to Google drive, look at the section on service-side flags in this issue I am having, as it may increase your speed.

Google Drive Server Side Copy Maybe we can see how to make the copies faster in the server-side.

Yes, I know this is not what you asked, so just info for you.

Are you using the cache backend ?(do not confused with VFS write cache).

Because if so, EOF (unexpected End Of File) is a fairly common problem to see.
It happens if you use the cache backend and you changed the chunk size for the cache without clearing the old cache files. This will make the cache backend confused because it expect the files to be another size than (some of them) are - leaving to files being randomly chopped into pieces when they are attempted to be read.

If this sounds like it may be the case for you, the simplest fix is just to:

  • stop any rclone mounts/instances you have
  • delete the "cache chunks" folder

This will force rclone to rebuild the cache from scratch using only correct chunk sizes - thus fixing the error.

how to delete cache chunk

You'd delete the folder created in your default cache-dir. That depends on your OS and your mount command if you changed anything.

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