Google Drive Server Side Copy

Decided I need to copy/move some files from one Google drive account to another. I was looking with great interest at the server side copying option,

I am using:

rclone copy Media:Mops School:Mops -vvv --drive-server-side-across-configs is my command.

It is copying the files just fine, but it is copying them using local bandwidth, so it's not using server-side.

I see others have posted about similar titled (in the forum) issues, but not not quite the issue.


I don't see any obvious mistake here, but...

I have always been a little unsure about which of the two remotes the --drive-server-side-across-configs the flag will apply to in this syntax (or possibly both?)

Try this...
Open your rclone.conf and insert this at the bottom of both your Gdrive remotes:
server_side_across_configs = true

Then save the config and try the command again (you will not need the --drive-server-side-across-configs flag then, but it won't hurt either - just redundant).

Does that work better?
Note that the easiest way to check is probably to enable verbose output with the flag:
and then each copied file should have (copied server-side) at the end of the line if it is working correctly.
Also check if there are any ERROR lines.

I also highly recommend you use the latest rclone version (currently 1.50)
Many users use old versions from repositories on Linux especially, and there have been a LOT of improvements to this in the last handful of versions. Easiest way to check your version is to run:
rclone version

Easiest way to get the latest version straight from rclone is

curl | sudo bash

Test and report back :slight_smile:

I had already tried that in my bug checking, but I do have 1.49.5, so I will update and see if that makes a difference. I missed seeing that update.

I updated, and used the same command line,and I had already added that flag to both, as I too am unsure.
The speed is about 871.085 kBytes/s, and the amount is so small, it seems like it is using local bandwidth, as I would certainly think Google servers copy a lot faster than that between themselves.

About all I can do is run the command in a safe mode with limited services, but I believe it will show the same thing. This cannot be sever-side.