Help with Rclone lsf command line

Hello there

Recently I created a script to sort my tv shows episodes in a folder of their own.

after I upload them using rclone to my could at the cloud.

but when I use this command to copy new files

rclone copy /home/user2/downloads/Tv.Series Cloud:Tv.Series --progress --transfers 10 --exclude “/node_modules/” --ignore-existing

I see reclone start uploading more than 14TB of files .

while I just ned the past 4 days of files to update my library at Cloud.

after doing some searching found this command phrase called

rclone lsf

and then I created my own command with it

rclone lsf --absolute --max-age 4d /home/user2/downloads/Tv.Series > new_files

after, that I have been trying to get reclone upload the new past 4 days of files to my library at Cloud.

but I have no luck when using the below command.

rclone copy --files-from new_files /home/user2/downloSeries/ Cloud:Tv.Series --progress --transfers 10 --exclude “/node_modules/

New the 4 days of files is listed in

folder called Tv.Series in txt file called new_files

I need a command line to help me upload these new files inside this txt file to the cloud.

tried this command line

rclone copy --files-from new_files Cloud:Tv.Series --progress --transfers 10 --exclude “/node_modules/

But with no luck

Tried this one too

rclone copy --files-from new_files Cloud:Tv.Series --progress --transfers 10 --exclude “/node_modules/

2019-01-25 10:07:31 ERROR : : error reading source directory: directory not found

2019-01-25 10:07:31 ERROR : Attempt 1/3 failed with 1 errors


Original Topic HERE

You might find it easiest to add this to your original command

rclone copy /home/user2/downloads/Tv.Series Cloud:Tv.Series --progress --transfers 10 --exclude “/node_modules/” --ignore-existing --max-age 4d

Doing this with lsf should work

rclone lsf --absolute --max-age 4d /home/user2/downloads/Tv.Series > new_files
rclone copy --files-from new_files /home/user2/downloads/Tv.Series Cloud:Tv.Series --progress --transfers 10 --exclude “/node_modules/”

You need to use the same local path /home/user2/downloads/Tv.Series on both commands

firstly: Thanks @ncw You’re a lifesaver my friend.

can I add an extra command to let the script only copy video files
like with .mp4 .mkv .avi something like that ?

You can put --include "*.{mp4,mkv,avi}" if you want.

Thank you @ncw. I appreciate your help.
another quick question
Can I make rclone send me pushbullet or pushover notification once processed be done.

You’d have to script a way to do that as rclone doesn’t have native notification support.