Help me please with rclone

Hi I need some help and support with rclone I'm looking at puttingy gdrive to emby does any one know how to do this if so much info will be greatfull

hello and welcome to the forum,

sure, that is a common use of rclone, to stream media from emby.

step 1 is to create a rclone remote for gdrive. get that working and we can work on the next step.

Do I do this in CMD

do you use micro$oft windows?
if so, then yes, use CMD

Hi I'm using windows

Okay I don't understand this kind of stuff just trying to learn

try to follow this guide

When I try run rclone cofig it say rclone is not recognized as an internal or external command,

your windows, 64bit or 32bit?

you have to download rclone from

Think 64 bit I have It In a zip file sorry not very yech

create a folder, download the zip into that folder, unzip the zip file

Okay I think I have done it not 100%

well, run rclone config and see what happens.

say rclone is not recognized as an internal or external command

unzip the .zip file.
find the rclone.exe file.
run rclone.exe config

It just clicks off

no idea what you mean?

Can you help with remote desktop

you want me to remote into your computer?

TeamViewer if possible