Google Drive ebay accounts banned

My account was just disabled. reddit post

Really uncertain times now :confounded:

my account was disabled also. :sob:

my supergdrive account got banned as well.

Yep. Feelsgood

Just kidding, I’m pissed
How do I purchase mine legitimately? Actual education services?

So far, it only seems to be affecting people who have purchased through ebay, I hope that those with legitimate paying accounts don’t get hit. We just moved ours to legit gsuite.

is it possible for me to join your team? I’m looking to get a legitimate gsuite account!

Sorry buddy, all spots are taken. :frowning:

There are a heap of people looking in the reddit thread though :slight_smile:

Also banned.

So glad I got a legit one right after the ACD thing and had backed up things to that.

Yeah i got 1 off ebay and also got my own for redundancy just don’t trust that ebay migh I am only user on my account if anyone need an account and willing to pay monthly their fee]

Mine was also banned…is every eBay Account banned Or does it make sense to buy a new one?

they banned the big sellers but not the small individual ones

Where can i find the “small ones”?

Mine from gsuites is banned too :frowning: also banned.

that cannot be… I got mine for 14 hours ago, and now it’s disabled…


thats it…
I have transferred in 7hours 3,5TB
which is not the 10TB limit, so I couldnt violate ToS
and all data came from GCP

they banned everyone on, therefore it does not matter for how long you have been using it.

Geez, ALL my cheap eBay backup accounts got banned :open_mouth: Good thing I moved to G Suite. I seriously hope they don’t enforce the 1TB rule anytime soon, else we’re stuffed!

did you authenticate all your accounts in your local browser? (like fast user switching)
if so, they are most probably already linked and monitored by google. i would stay quiet the next few days. :wink:

The 1Tb rule only applies to accounts with less than 5 users.