Google Drive banned

About 15 minutes ago Google has banned my 3 drive accounts … someone a similar problem?

No country for old Linux ISO downloaders.

Did you have your files encrypted?

eBay Google accounts?

Just checked. I am banned from Google too. It is an Ebay purchased account.

My GDrive account still good. Bought on ebay…

They’ve shut down most eBay bought accounts. Got a message from GSuites admin that their main account is banned and they are working on restoring access with 48 hours. I attempted to buy another on eBay last night and was refunded for the transaction by the seller so I assume they can no longer provide the service either.

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Jep. Bought one before 6 hours and become a refund because His Account was banned

It’s worth checking if your school (current or alumni) uses GSuite for Education, because if they do then you get legit unlimited storage.

Me too with What are the alternative now?

The alternative is to pay $10/month for a legitimate G Suite for Business account. The cost is peanuts.

5 Minimum account required for unlimited storage. 1 account have only 1 TB.

For the moment at least, people are finding that even single-user business GSuite accounts have unlimited storage. However, if that starts being abused then I’d expect the 1TB limit to be enforced, just like all these eBay accounts are being banned.

When you first log in it says welcome to google drive and tells you you have unlimited storage.

Never doubt a corporation will enforce terms of use and acceptable use policy when it’s to its advantage. So far giving unlimited storage to everyone with a wink has been a good way for them to grow; if they suddenly see a bajillion users uploading 80TB on these “1TB but really unlimited” accounts, then I’d expect enforcement. Just like the crackdown on accounts came right after there was a burst of activity thanks to ACD kicking everyone out.

Don’t get me wrong - I really hope it works out because it’s extremely difficult to find affordable cloud storage for massive data sets; just don’t be surprised if it does sideways at some point.

I still use local non-raided spinning large disks on my main computer for exactly this reason. I don’t trust cloud providers to have my interest in the forefront. The cloud providers are all simply backups for me and contain stuff I don’t care if I lose. Anyone using these providers as a primary source for holding their important data is crazy IMO unless they are using business level services like AWS/Glacier/etc (and paying dearly for it).

There are no free lunches.

I agree.

I would prefer to use spinning disks, but with poor access to good internet (I’m currently stuck with 50DL/5UL), a 1TB BW limit, and the cost of HDs I’m not able to enjoy this ‘hobby’ nearly as much without cloud services. If I could get my internet situation resolved (Not likely with no competition in my area…), I’d shell out the extra cash for additional HDs, but until that is able to happen I have to rely on free lunches even if I have to get fucked eventually.

Even if Google were to suddenly start enforcing the 1TB limit for less than five users paying $50/month is hardly extortionate. It’s the same sort of price as cable/satellite TV or a cellular/mobile phone. That’s even without any co-operation to spread the cost between users to bring the price back down to $10/month for unlimited storage. Just assume they will never enforce the limit & if they do we can work around it.

lol i asked google support about this1tb limit) and they called me, dident answered because odd number. but i got email from them there i saw phone number from person who mailed, now replying to them asking to answer the question. :DD

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I will be making a Canadian only GSuite account tonight and looking if anyone else wants in

Must use crypt on everything you upload.
Please try to limit it to 10tb. (let’s stay under the big G radar)
Pay by the year as I will be. $120/year CAD
Pay via Interac.
Name used will be legit to look like a real company.

I will be limiting this to 6 people at this time.

I have an old 5 letter .ca domain name that I will be using and also setting up a fake business website.

PM me if interested.


before rclone got banned on acd I tested a bit and planned to use it for my backup
I have a similar connection like you but no transfer limit … to store some TB would need quite a lot of time to upload to any cloud :slight_smile:
as rclone got banned I am thinking to invest in a second NAS and no need to worry about those online cloud problems