Google Drive API v2 vs v3

Can we have a flag to set which API we want to use? The migration to v3 broke or crippled rclone for my use.

First, the max download speed via v3 API is 20-30MB/s (I can pull 100MB/s via v2).

Second, since rclone now uses v3 of the API, files that are flagged as being a virus can not be downloaded. This is not an issue when using the v2 API.

These changes have broken rclone for my applications and made it unusable/slow.

Also why did we migrate to v3 of the API? v2 is vastly better.

Edit: Just seen Now if it works, having a way to strictly use v2 API would be excellent :wink:

There a a small number of things you can’t do in the v2 API like this one for instance:

However having a v3 API is a strong signal to developers that v2 will be deprecated (or won’t get new features) at some point and that is the real reason for the change. My (possibly faulty memory) tells me team drives were only available on the v3 API but google relented and put them in the v2 API too.

Did that get reported to google? Here is the place to search:

Google do fix stuff eventually!

@B4dM4n did a work-around to use just the v2 API for download which we could merge (under a flag most likely).

Unfortunately it isn’t a simple matter switching between the v2 and v3 API - they are quite different :frowning:

Just waiting for a few more test resuts to come in for and then I’ll merge it. This will give a work-around for downloading blocked files.

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