Which gdrive API is rclone using?

Hi guys.

Just a quick question, is rclone running v3 or v2 ? I recall there was a speed issue some time ago .

Just curious if it still was an issue :slight_smile:


It's primarily v3.


Are there still speed issues? Should we use v2 ?

Wasn’t ever hit by any speed issues.

Use what works for you I would suppose.

I just read this . Thats why I was curious

I can't personally speak for the speed thing because I don't have that sort of pipe, but I wouldn't necessarily take one individuals testimony as gospel. I can pull my max of about 20MB/sec without any indicator of a limitation and I'm fairly sure I have seen many other Gdrive users here with fatter pipes report a lot more.

Info could just be outdated too. More than a year is a long time in this space and much changes.

Besides I think there exist an optional switch to enable V2 for downloads now if you really want to use it.

The virus and copyright warning stuff I'm pretty certain you can just disable with the "acknowledge absue" switch (see docs). Although the better solution in the long-term is probably just to encrypt. I wouldn't want to draw the kind of attention to myself that lots of copyright of virus warning probably does...

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Thanks for the explanation @thestigma

Whats the virus thing you are talking about? :slight_smile:

The poster in the thread you linked also complained that if Google's system detected potentially dangerous files it would refuse to download them (they just error out). Presumably Google has antivirus software to flag stuff to protect it's users - but like all antivirus software you are going to get false positives, which can get annoying for powerusers who know what they are doing and don't need a nanny :smiley:

There is a setting to ignore the warning and download anyway basically (see Gdrive docs)

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Ahhhh ok thanks :slight_smile:

I only want to optimize speed for streaming to plex :slight_smile:

But to be honest I dont know which would be better than the other v2 vs v3 :slight_smile:

I see no reason to not just stick to v3 unless you see spesific problems. I haven't seen a lot of complaints about this. And if need be you can activate the v2-downloads switch if you see that actually should happen to give you faster downloads somehow. I don't even have the speed to test that...

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Thanks @thestigma

Dont know how to speed test it either.

Can I make an extra mount folder with a new service which enable v2 while the first mount is enabled as well?

You sure can.

All I can say in regards to speed is that:

  • Assuming a reasonably high VFS-chunk-size is used, I have no trouble hitting 162Mbit (my max) on downloads. The default value (128M) is sufficient for this.
  • Assuming a reasonably high --drive-chunk-size is used I have no trouble hitting 162Mbit (my max) on uploads. The default value (8M) is somewhat insufficient for optimal throughput and I recommend at least 64M. Just be aware this uses that much extra memory pr open transfer.

I don't have the physical connection speed to test any higher myself.
The easiest way to get a gauge on your transfer speed is probably just to look in your resource monitor (like task manger on windows), or enable -P switch when using commandline and look at the speed of a large file after a few seconds (TCP takes a little time to spin up a connection to full speed).

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Thank you so much for the good replies.

Very much appreciated :slight_smile:

I will try make some tests


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