Google drive and dropbox is it possible to hash check between them?

windows 10
rclone v1.63

.\rclone check --bwlimit 88M -v --dropbox-batch-size 16 --transfers 16 --dropbox-batch-mode sync "googledrive:FOLDERNAME" "dropbox:FOLDERNAME"


2023/07/11 17:27:51 ERROR : No common hash found - not using a hash for checks

Size based check went fine, but it'd be nice to be able to do a hash check, is there any reason I wouldn't be able to? Does one of these two services googledrive or dropbox not support hash checks? I know I've done hash checks on googledrive crypt's before but in this case I'm just transferring the raw encrypted data without bothering to re-encrypt it...

both support hashes. But not the same. Google I think is md5 - Dropbox uses their own mutation - so they can not be compared directly without downloading all data.

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If I wanted rclone to download all the data and compare hashes that way is there a flag for that? (I might consider it in some cases.)

If you supply the --download flag, it will download the data from both remotes and check them against each other on the fly. This can be useful for remotes that don't support hashes or if you really want to check all the data.

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