Google Cloud Platform Server and GDrive 750GB Limit

I have read in a forum that the traffic from a google cloud platform server is not charged to the daily 750gb upload limit, the information was a little bit older.

can anyone of you say something about that and/or confirm it?

a part of my data on gdrive is unencrypted and i thought about copying it to my encrypted mount and as it would take more then a week with the limits (cant spend all of it to that sync process) i tought about using my 300$ free stuff on taking a small google cloud platform server - if it wouldnt have those limit it should be done in less then a day.

created a small VM now and will just try it and will report back.
(from the information of another thread here i assume it is not working actually)

if its not working the option 2 would be copying the data from gdrive to my tdrive, creating a crypted folder with the same passwords as on my gdrive. using multiple gmail accounts to transfer 750g each per day into the crypt tdrive and then move it back into my crypted folder on gdrive

edit2: i was just hitting the limit, so its counting to the Limit like everything else

I think that may have been old information you found from before google brought in the drive limits.

As you used to be able to upload as much as you wanted.

I tried to response to the newly created topic " Crypt Tb of data already uploaded on GSuite" but its closed already.

what i am asking myself is if it makes sense to transfer data from gdrive to a crypted mount at that gdrive.
If i rent a google cloud platform server and transfer the files to the crypt mount it would be very easy to get the encryption keys as the unencrypted files are on the server being downloaded and an encrypted stream is being uploaded at the same time.
even if i am working on a secure VM (you can rent them at google cloud platform as well) it wouldnt change a thing as the data stream is still the same.

what do you think about that?

It's really up to you if you want to encrypt your data or not and how secret society/paranoid you want to be about it.

I don't think going down the path of a paranoia adds much as there aren't any facts to backup your statements of those things being easy.

There are multiple layers of security that prevents a rogue employee from sniffing your data. If that's your concern, pick a different VPS provider and use them instead to move the data.

google internal traffic is for free at googles cloud platform and the speed is very good (and its for free if u still have the welcome bonus) - it was just a thought i had wen writing my transfer scripts.
as i have some encrypted stuff and some unencrypted stuff and my application list is growing, life will be easier for me having all in the same mount point.
sometimes i have problems using mergerfs and multiple drives (more than 2)