Finding the Best Possible Setup for Plex - Rclone - Google Drive - Windows Server 2016 with Generate Intro Markers / Generate Thumbnail Video Previews


First of all I would like to thank @asdffdsa and
@VBB who helped me configure Plex with Rclone for over a year via this topic:

It works perfectly.

Today I decided to buy the Lifetime Plex Pass to support the developers.

The downside with my current setup is that I can't use "Generate Thumbnail Video Previews" and "Generate Intro Markers" without getting banned for consuming too much download data (limit Google)

Indeed the scan with these parameters seems to be very long during the scan (About 30 minutes per season) and seems to consume a lot of Data to Google Drive and therefore causes temporary Bans.

Does anyone have a configuration that allows:

  • Perform quick scans (as with the @VBB config and its script)
  • Allows to use "Generate thumbnail video previews" and "Generate intro markers" features without causing a temporary BAN
  • Not to use too much disk data because of the cache (I can allocate 400gb maximum to that)
  • Quick launch of episodes or film (as it is currently with my current configuration)

I would like to benefit from the configuration of VBB but with the possibility of adding to it "Generate thumbnail video previews" and "Generate intro markers" .

Here is my current configuration:

Mounting the file:
"cd c:\rclone
rclone mount --attr-timeout 5000h --dir-cache-time 5000h --drive-pacer-burst 200 --drive-pacer-min-sleep 10ms --rc --user-agent scanserie --vfs-read-chunk -size 1M -v ScryptServer: C:\mount\ServerS"

Script to index folders (allows a quick scan of the library):
cd c:\rclone
rclone rc vfs/refresh recursive=true --drive-pacer-burst 200 --drive-pacer-min-sleep 10ms --timeout 30m --user-agent scanserie

Thank you very much to all the team and the community.

good to know.

can you post the output of
rclone version
the redacted config file

can you the full output of a rclone debug log with the errors.
at least the top 20 lines of the debug log and some snippets of the errors.

If you ask me, generating thumbnails and intro markers simply isn't feasible with cloud storage. Like you said, it takes way too long, uses up lots of API call, easily hits quotas, etc. Depending on how much media you have, you might also fill up those 400 GB very quickly. I know I would. My advice: try to live without those features.

One thing I'd change in your current mount command is to remove --vfs-read-chunk -size 1M. I had put that there to help with initial and nightly scanning/media analysis, but I have since changed it back to defaults. The rest still looks good :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.
I'm trying to do all of this on Monday.
I will try to cause a google drive download quota ban again

Thank you very much for your answer.
It's really a pity that this is not possible but it is not essential either.
Thanks for optimizing the --vfs-read-chunk -size 1M config. I will also delete it.
Have a nice weekend and thank you again

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