Feedback on web-gui

Just a few things. the interface is very promising and I look forward to seeing further development. understand that it is definitely a work in progress.

I just tried the web gui in 1.49.2 on a new windows 10 box. I don't normally use windows, so rather than using windows terminal or rclonebrowser, it seemed an ideal time to test. I have not tested on other platforms.

The first launch with rclone rcd --web-gui opened a chrome browser window with the key in the url, but reported and error, suggested reloading the page and opening an issue on GitHub. I reloaded the page and nothing changed. I removed the login suffix from the url, leaving the key, and it worked.

inside the interface there were a few things I was surprised were missing but maybe I missed them. would love to see these features added in due time.

  1. directories cannot be downloaded, only files. this seems like core functionality, though I suspect this is a browser limitation. exporting a command to download the directory from terminal would be a good second best option.
  2. search requires the correct start of the name, no wildcards. so searching for 6485 will not return any results when the name is IMG 6485.JPG - it is necessary to type IMG 6485 to find the file, defeating the value of search.
  3. search does not traverse directories. would be excellent if an index could be created to speed up search.

Thanks for the feedback :smile:

Hmm, is that reproduceable? If so it might be worth opening an issue here please make a new issue on github

@negative0 thoughts on the interface things?


I wanted to give it a go as well on ubuntu 16.04.LTS

Cant get the gui to work on .

It downloads, unzip ect.. but I cant access it via http or the port number.

Am I missing something?
Ran rclone rcd --rc-web-gui

2019/09/16 13:37:01 NOTICE: Required files exist. Skipping download
2019/09/16 13:37:01 NOTICE: Serving remote control on

Have you got a local firewall running?

Hmm shouldnt have on that server, gonna try another server when I get home. :slight_smile:

But prolly a good solution ^^

Cheers :slight_smile:

Oh by the way..

Any chance that a feature request would be possible @ncw

I see that you can define there certs are installed etc.

Would be AWSOME if Rclone could detect this automatically and write the paths needed in a config file.
If server its running https - it should locate the certs and and the paths :slight_smile:

I think the problem with this is that there are too many places they could be...

Yea you are prolly right @ncw :slight_smile:

Well got home and installed the web gui on my server. Ports are open, but I cant see anything running on the port specified. I tried http://serverip:5572 and https://serverip:5572 . None of them is working.
Firewall rule is open for tcp 5572.

You need to use localhost or

Can I just define the --rc-addr=myserverip:port ?

Sure. That assumes you want to open it hosts other than your local system accessing it.

Ok cool :slight_smile:

Ani is it possible to make a service file for this?

How should the service be made ?

how to run web gui with docker image?

Hi, using WebUI on Windows, all is working, but dashboard shows no activity when I run sync command, is that normal, like it is not implemented yet? I thought I could watch running jobs and see bandwith etc. And second question is, if it is planned to create sync jobs from WebUI? Thanks.

You can adapt one of these commands:

You'll need run the rcd command and forward port 5572

That is on the roadmap :slight_smile:

You can copy things using the explorer which behind the scenes do an rclone copy. Specifically being able to create sync jobs would be a good idea.

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Three things in advance to the new web-GUI:

  1. I love it !
  2. I love it !
  3. I love it !

In the past, I've been able to "abuse" the Freenas GUI on a VM, set up and change rclone quickly, and get a quick overview of rclone tasks.

If perhaps in the future a task manager (perfect would also be a progress indicator in the tasks) is implemented, I am perfectely happy.

Thank you for your great work !

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Thanks a lot. I tried Duplicati first, which can create sync jobs within web ui, but it was very slow, so I switched to rclone, which was able to max out my upload, so I will stick with it. At first I didnt like command line approach, but it was easy to set up, so web ui will be just nice bonus for monitoring jobs.

I seem to be stupid, but how do I get the GUI from another machine on the same subnet? Not via http: // ip-address:5572?

The firewall is disabled as a trial on both computers.

P.S :: my thanks, of course, turned to ncw, I just replied to the wrong message.

Add in:


And you can access that machine remotely using the IP.