Copy a single file with a differen target file name

Looking into the copy function it sounds like there isn't a way to do it and what rclone is intended for.

My use case is backup and restoring it back to the original location. but because the file is a database, I need to restore it under a different name like log.nsf should be log.nsf.DAD so that the application (HCL Domino) does not "see" the file before it is recovered.

It would be always a 1:1 file copy operation but just with a changed destination file.
From what I see it looks like the destination is always assumed as a directory?

Is there any way around?

Any time might help.

Today the only option would be to find a way in the same file-system where the application is not checking. And than once copy completed move the file.

Thanks for any idea & feedback


PS: The copy side uses a VSS snapshot. I could imagine using mount. But I might not be able to install the additional components required for FUSE.

Yep. You can use:

felix@gemini:~$ rclone copyto /etc/hosts GD:someothername
felix@gemini:~$ rclone lsl GD:someothername
      130 2021-05-16 06:41:02.082000000 someothername

not sure your use case but if you want to rename a file during the copy, you can try this
rclone copyto

and i have a wiki about rclone and vss
I want to share how to enable vss for rclone

cool this helps! I didn't see this function.

I will give it a try but this sounds like it will do the trick!

huge thanks!

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